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Featured Applications
Bolt Fastening
(Application 102)

Load Cell - Bolt Fastening
Nut Runner Force/Torque
(Application 113)

Load Cell - Nut Runner Force/Torque
Catheter Force Measurement
(Application 144)

Load Cell - Robotic Catheter Force Measurement
Trackpad / Touchpad Test Stand
(Application 147)

Load Cell - Trackpad / Touchpad Test Stand
Load Cell Applications
FUTEK's line of test and measurement products easily integrate into many applications across numerous industrial fields. Most commonly used in aerospace, medical, and automation measurement platforms, FUTEK's extensive load cell line has been utilized in testing environments from the depths of the sea to the surface of Mars. The below are simulated application diagrams illustrating the versatility of FUTEK's Load Cell Series.
Medical Bag Weighing
(Application 101)

Load Cell - Medical Bag Weighing
Bolt Fastening
(Application 102)

Load Cell - Bolt Fastening
Toggle Clamp
(Application 103)

Load Cell - Toggle Force Clamp
Wire Tension Measurement
(Application 104)

Load Cell - Wire Tension Measurement
Tank Dispensing
(Application 105)

Load Cell - Tank Dispensing
Silo Measurement
(Application 106)

Load Cell - Silo Measurement
Hydraulic/Pneumatic Press Force
(Application 107)

Load Cell - Hydraulic/Pneumatic Press Force
Helicopter Pedal Force Testing
(Application 108)

Load Cell - Helicopter Pedal Force Testing
Linear Test Stand
(Application 109)

Load Cell - Linear Test Stand
Tube Expansion Measurement
(Application 110)

Load Cell - Tube Expansion Measurement
Multihead Weigher
(Application 111)

Load Cell - Multihead Weigher
DNA Synthesis
(Application 112)

Load Cell - DNA Synthesis
Nut Runner Force/Torque
(Application 113)

Load Cell - Nut Runner Force/Torque
Automation Container Filling
(Application 114)

Load Cell - Industrial Automation Container Filling
Automotive Pedal Force Testing
(Application 115)

Load Cell - Automotive Pedal Force Testing
Dual Tank Level Controller
(Application 116)

Load Cell - Dual Tank Level Controller
Robotic Tactile Sensing
(Application 117)

Load Cell - Robotic Tactile Sensing
Snow Shoe Testing
(Application 118)

Load Cell - Snow Shoe Testing
Batch Weighing
(Application 119)

Load Cell - Batch Weighing
Material Force Testing
(Application 120)

Load Cell - Material Force Testing
Bite Force Measurement Study
(Application 121)

Load Cell - Bite Force Measurement Study
Portable Crane Weighing
(Application 122)

Load Cell - Portable Crane Weighing
Medical Patient Lift
(Application 123)

Load Cell - Medical Patient Lift
Wire Tension Measurement
(Application 124)

Load Cell - Industrial Wire Tension Measurement
Mass Flow Meter
(Application 125)

Load Cell - Mass Flow Meter
MSL Mars Rover Cryogenic
(Application 126)

Load Cell - MSL Mars Rover Cryogenic Load Cell
Vampire Bite Force
(Application 127)

Load Cell - Vampire Bite Force
Waste Load Measurement
(Application 128)

Load Cell - Waste Management Load Measurement
Behavioral Phenotyping
(Application 129)

Load Cell - Test Subject Behavioral Phenotyping
OEM Test Stand
(Application 130)

Load Cell - OEM Test Stand
Syringe Test Stand
(Application 131)

Load Cell - Syringe Test Stand
Humanoid Robot Load Cell
(Application 132)

Load Cell - Humanoid Robot Load Cell
Biomedical Research
(Application 133)

Load Cell - Biomedical Research Testing
Catheter Track Force Test
(Application 134)

Load Cell - Catheter Track Force Test
Jet Parachute Deployment
(Application 135)

Load Cell - Jet Parachute Deployment
Orion Deployment Mechanism
(Application 136)

Load Cell - Orion Deployment Mechanism
NASA Satellite Load Cells
(Application 137)

Load Cell - NASA Satellite Load Cells
Precision Measurement Scale
(Application 138)

Load Cell - Precision
Prone Stereotactic Biopsy
(Application 139)

Load Cell - Prone Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
Landing Gear Drop Test
(Application 140)

Load Cell - Landing Gear Drop Test
Resistance Welding
(Application 141)

Load Cell - Resistance Spot Welding
Reliability Test Stand
(Application 142)

Load Cell - Reliability Test Stand
Arbor Press Verification
(Application 143)

Load Cell - Arbor Press Verification
Catheter Force Measurement
(Application 144)

Load Cell - Robotic Catheter Force Measurement
Laparoscopic Calibration
(Application 145)

Load Cell - Laparoscopic Tool Calibration
Power Window Pinch Test
(Application 146)

Load Cell - Power Window Pinch Test
Trackpad / Touchpad Test Stand
(Application 147)

Load Cell - Trackpad / Touchpad Test Stand
TAVR Durability Testing
(Application 148)

Load Cell - TAVR Valve Durability Testing
Spring Testing System
(Application 149)

Load Cell - Spring Testing System
Wire Bond Testing
(Application 150)

Load Cell - Wire Bond Testing
Medical Guidewire Test
(Application 151)

Load Cell - Medical Guidewire Test
Automotive Seat Testing
(Application 152)

Load Cell - Automotive Seat Durability Testing
Oktoberfest Tank Measurement
(Application 153)

Load Cell - Oktoberfest Fermentation Tank Measurement
Frankenstein Bolt Fastening
(Application 154)

Load Cell - Frankenstein Bolt Fastening Measurement
USB Insertion/Extraction Test
(Application 155)

Load Cell - USB Insertion/Extraction Motorized Test
Robotic Glove Rehabilitation
(Application 156)

Load Cell - Robotic Glove Rehabilitation Device
Robotic Leg Rehabilitation
(Application 157)

Load Cell - Robotic Leg Rehabilitation Device
Bag Sealer Validation
(Application 158)

Load Cell - Bag Sealer Validation
Injection Molding Force Feedback
(Application 159)

Load Cell - Plastic Injection Molding Force Feedback
Suspension Validation
(Application 160)

Load Cell - Suspension System Performance Validation
Rocket Engine Thrust Stand
(Application 161)

Load Cell - Rocket Engine Thrust Stand
Package Drop Test
(Application 162)

Load Cell - Package Drop Test Machine
TAVR Fatigue Testing
(Application 163)

Load Cell - Medical Valve Sensors: TAVR Fatigue Testing
Prosthetic Hip Fatigue Testing
(Application 164)

Load Cell - Prosthetic Hip Fatigue Testing
Touchscreen Haptic Feedback
(Application 165)

Load Cell - Automotive Touchscreen Haptic Feedback
Precision Wire Tensioner
(Application 166)

Load Cell - Precision Wire Tensioner
Prosthetic Foot Emulator
(Application 167)

Load Cell - Prosthetic Foot Emulator
Exoskeleton for Paraplegics
(Application 168)

Load Cell - Exoskeleton for Paraplegics
Ultrasonic Welding Clamp Force
(Application 169)

Load Cell - Ultrasonic Welding Clamp Force
Die-Attach Force Measurement
(Application 170)

Load Cell - Die-Attach Force Measurement
Shark Bite Force Measurement
(Application 171)

Load Cell - Shark Bite Force Measurement
UAV Launcher Force
(Application 172)

Load Cell - UAV Launcher Force
Robotic Spot Welding Force
(Application 173)

Load Cell - Robotic Spot Welding Force
Fluid Flow Rate Measurement
(Application 174)

Load Cell - Fluid Flow Rate Measurement
Sailing Ship Rigging Tension
(Application 175)

Load Cell - Sailing Ship Rigging Tension
Pill Press Force Verification
(Application 176)

Load Cell - Pill Press Force Verification
Endoscope Force Control
(Application 177)

Load Cell - Endoscope Force Control
Rotary Shaft Thrust Force
(Application 178)

Load Cell - Rotary Shaft Thrust Force
Fruit/Vegetable Penetrometer
(Application 179)

Load Cell - Fruit/Vegetable Penetrometer
Vacuum Compatible Sensors
(Application 180)

Load Cell - Vacuum Compatible Sensors
Non-Magnetic Sensors Solutions
(Application 181)

Load Cell - Non-Magnetic Sensors Solutions
Torque Sensing with Load Cells
(Application 182)

Load Cell - Torque Sensing with Load Cells
Bottle Dispensing and Weighing
(Application 183)

Load Cell - Bottle Dispensing and Weighing
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