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Application 117

Robotic Tactile Sensing

Application Summary
Multiple Load Button Load Cells are utilized to measure the tactile force produced by an industrial robot. FUTEK has developed a technical article detailing the use of load cells in robotic prosthetics and grippers.
Products in Use
Five Miniature Load Buttons (LLB Series) paired with FUTEK's USB Solutions and SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software. View Product Details
Load Cell - Robotic Tactile Sensing
How it Works
  1. As research laboratories continue to explore the world of robotics, there exists a greater necessity for high precision test and measurement products.
  2. This application illustrates five Miniature Load Buttons mounted to the tip of each robotic finger. As the robotic hand manipulates different objects, the force require to handle those particular objects is collected.
  3. Pairing FUTEK's USB Solution with these Load Buttons, research engineers can stream the multiple force directly onto their PC.
  4. If their PC utilizes FUTEK's SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software, the engineers will be able to live graph and log all the data.
All FUTEK application illustrations are strictly conceptual. Please contact us with questions.
Load Cell - LLB SERIES - Miniature Load Button
Miniature Load Button
Load Cell - USB SOLUTIONS - High Resolution USB Output Module
High Resolution USB Output Module
Load Cell - SOFTWARE - SENSIT™ Test and Measurement
SENSIT™ Test and Measurement
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