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Application 503

Desalination System Monitoring

Application Summary
Access to clean drinking water is a necessity for every individual around the world. In many drought-stricken areas, freshwater is limited while saltwater from the ocean is abundant and plentiful. Converting saltwater into freshwater is most commonly performed through high-pressure reverse osmosis. These systems require constant pressure delivered from a system of pumps to maintain membrane health and maximize system efficiency. By incorporating a pressure sensor into a control loop control system, the pump can maintain a constant operating pressure for maximum efficiency.
Products in Use
FUTEK's PFT510 Miniature Flush Mount Pressure Sensor paired with Instrumentation (IAA Series or IDA100 Amplifiers) View Product Details
Pressure Sensor - Desalination System Monitoring
How it Works
  1. A PFT510 miniature pressure sensor is inserted between the water pump output and reverse osmosis filter input.
  2. The output signal from the pressure sensor is amplified with the IAA series or IDA100 amplifier and fed into a PLC.
  3. The PLC regulates the motor output in response to changing pressures maintaining a constant output pressure.
  4. By maintaining a consistent pressure, filter life is increased and system efficiency is maximized.
  5. Additionally, with the IDA100, amplifier output can be monitored and adjusted accordingly over USB connection with FUTEK's SENSIT™ software.
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Pressure Sensor - PFT510 - Miniature Pressure Sensor – Flush Mount Diaphragm
Miniature Pressure Sensor – Flush Mount Diaphragm
Pressure Sensor - IAA Series  - Analog Amplifier
IAA Series
Analog Amplifier
Pressure Sensor - IDA100 - Digitally Configurable Amplifier
Digitally Configurable Amplifier
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