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Torque Sensor Applications
In addition to FUTEK's Load Cell Series is an extensive line of Reaction and Rotary Torque Sensors. Primarily used in process control and auditing, FUTEK has advanced their respective lines of torque sensors to meet the application requirements of most industrial standards. The below are simulated application diagrams illustrating possible uses for both reaction and rotary torque sensors.
Torque/Motor Test Stand
(Application 301)

Torque Sensor - Torque/Motor Test Stand
Power Tool Measurement
(Application 302)

Torque Sensor - Power Tool Measurement
Motor Test Stand
(Application 303)

Torque Sensor - Motor Test Stand
Torque Verification/Calibration
(Application 304)

Torque Sensor - Torque Verification/Calibration
Nut Runner Force/Torque
(Application 305)

Torque Sensor - Nut Runner Force/Torque
Miniature Torque Screwdriver
(Application 307)

Torque Sensor - Miniature Torque Screwdriver
Industrial Robotic Automation
(Application 308)

Torque Sensor - Industrial Robotic Automation
Agricultural Poultry Feeder
(Application 309)

Torque Sensor - Agricultural Poultry Feeder
Stanford Solar Car Dyno
(Application 310)

Torque Sensor - Stanford Solar Car Dyno
Catheter Torque Test
(Application 311)

Torque Sensor - Catheter Torque Test
Valve Torque Testing
(Application 312)

Torque Sensor - Valve Torque Testing
OEM Torque Motor Stand
(Application 313)

Torque Sensor - OEM Torque Motor Test Stand
Hinge Fatigue Testing
(Application 314)

Torque Sensor - Hinge Fatigue Testing
Servo Motor Torque Control
(Application 315)

Torque Sensor - Servo Motor Torque Control
Sensors for Robot Joints
(Application 316)

Torque Sensor - Torque Sensors for Robot Joint Control
Satellite Reaction Wheel Torque
(Application 317)

Torque Sensor - Satellite Reaction Wheel Torque
Rheometer Torque Measurement
(Application 318)

Torque Sensor - Rheometer Torque Measurement
Dental Handpiece Torque
(Application 319)

Torque Sensor - Dental Handpiece Torque Auditing
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