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Application 315

Servo Motor Torque Control

Application Summary
Automated systems in a variety of different industries rely on servo motors to monitor linear and rotational motion. Frictional loss and motor speed change necessitate the inclusion of a closed loop control system. To accomplish this, place a reaction torque sensor between the servo gearbox and its mounting location to measure the generated torque.
Products in Use
FUTEK's TFF500 Reaction Torque Sensor with Thru Hole Center paired with an IAA Series Analog Amplifier. View Product Details
Torque Sensor - Servo Motor Torque Control
How it Works
  1. FUTEK's TFF500 Reaction Torque Sensor is mounted between a CGI Prime 017PLX Planetary Angle Gearhead and the gearhead’s mounting location.
  2. As the servo motor runs, the torque produced and transmitted through the NEMA 17 gearhead is measured by the TFF500.
  3. The IAA analog amplifier amplifies the TFF500 signal for input into a PLC for closed loop control of torque.
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Torque Sensor - TFF500 - Reaction Torque Sensor
Reaction Torque Sensor
Torque Sensor - IAA Series - Strain Gauge Analog Amplifier
IAA Series
Strain Gauge Analog Amplifier
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