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Sensor Applications
Load Cell Applications
Load Cells
Most commonly used in aerospace, medical, and automation measurement platforms, FUTEK's extensive load cell line has been utilized in testing environments from ... read more
Torque Sensor Applications
Torque Sensors
Primarily used in process control and auditing, FUTEK has advanced their respective lines of torque sensors to meet the application requirements of most industrial standards ... read more
Pressure Sensor Applications
Pressure Sensors
FUTEK's pressure sensor line focus on two design elements: miniaturization and output options. The outcome: a sensor line that easily integrates into a number of platforms ... read more
Multi-Axis Sensor Applications
Multi-Axis Sensors
With the ability to accurately measure up to six components, FUTEK's Multi-Axis Sensors offer application operators and engineers a unique measurement experience ... read more
By Industry
Aerospace & Aviation Applications
Aerospace & Aviation
Automation Applications
Automation Applications
Automotive Applications
Industrial Construction Applications
Industrial Construction
Materials & Endurance Testing Applications
Materials & Endurance Testing
Medical & Pharmaceutical Applications
Medical & Pharmaceutical
Robotics Applications
Waterway & Submersible Applications
Waterway & Submersible
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