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Sensor Calibration Services
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Our Calibration Department can perform tests that are otherwise near impossible when using mechanical loaded calibration machines. We offer full system calibration for sensors with digital displays, amplifiers, and/or USB Solutions, and use calibration procedures in compliance with ISO 17025 standards. Our full gamut of services includes:
  • We offer calibration services, which are full accredited to ISO 17025 through an independent accreditor: The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). This certification includes accreditation to ANSI/NCSL Z540-1.

  • Full traceable NIST calibrations for load cells with precision dead weight calibrations from 1 mg to 10,000 lb., and hydraulic calibrations up to 130,000 lb. in tension (with the addition of NIST traceable outside calibrations up to 2 million lb.).

  • Full traceable NIST calibrations for Torque Sensors with capabilities reaching up to 24,000 in-lb.

  • Full traceable NIST calibrations for pressure sensors with capabilities reaching up to 10,000 PSI.

  • Ability to calibrate non-FUTEK load cells and torque sensors with traceable NIST standards and A2LA accreditations.

Our online configuration and recalibration services offer our customers ability to select calibration services based on your selected sensor’s information, ensuring you will receive the correct calibration service specified applicable to your sensor.

Indicates a tension
Indicates a clockwise direction calibration.
Indicates a compression calibration. Indicates a counter-clockwise direction calibration.
Indicates a tension and compression calibration. Indicates a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction calibration.
Indicates a pressure calibration. Indicates a vacuum calibration.
Here are a few examples of the calibration certificates we offer (Certificates of Conformance, 5-Point Calibration, and Full A2LA Calibration). Please do not discard these for they contain pertinent information relating to the sensor(s) you purchased. Thank you!
We understand that our products are used in critical applications where their initial specifications should never waver. Therefore, we created a recalibration program ensuring our customers the ability to send in their FUTEK sensors for verification and re-alignment. We have also extended our recalibration efforts to service customers who have purchased test and measurement products from the following manufacturers:
  • Honeywell/Sensotec/Lebow
  • Interfaceforce
  • Omega
  • Transducer Techniques
  • HBM
  • Himmelstein
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