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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Please be aware that it may be more cost effective to purchase a new unit than to try and repair an existing unit. Our evaluation fee is currently $150 and a required calibration to confirm the results to spec after the repair is at least $225. Both of these totals would be in addition to any repair found needed after the evaluation as well as shipping and time loss from testing or production.

Have an overloaded sensor or high zero output level? Unfortunately, we're unable to repair any overload damage. If the zero output of the overloaded sensor is stable you may be able to still use the sensor by accounting for the new zero output level. However, the sensor should be tested for accuracy and linearity.

If your sensor has undergone a system calibration to an instrument: the sensor, instrument, and any associated cables must all be shipped back to the FUTEK facility together to maintain the components as a system.

Having challenges with an instrument? Our instrument support page offers manuals as well as links to videos to assist with setup and wiring confirmation: FUTEK Manuals.

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