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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Looking for a product manual or guide? Support documents and manuals can be found here: FUTEK manuals.

Need information on the physical properties of your sensor, such as off axis limit? The extraneous load information here can be of assistance: FUTEK Extraneous Loads.

Looking for calibration information? Our online calibration database can offer a summary of your calibration: FUTEK Calibration Data.

Need programming assistance with our instruments? Our SENSIT™ Support Page has our programming information for our instruments: FUTEK SENSIT Support.

Have a question on your sensor's performance, such as accuracy? We reference the sensor's non-linearity as the sensors nominal accuracy and it can be found on the sensor's spec sheet on our website.

Have a question on how sensors work? Try our knowledge center for a glossary of terms, as well as how sensors work here: FUTEK Knowledge Center.
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