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Item No. QSH01827
QTA141 , 1 N-m , Custom Micro Reaction Torque , Material - 2024-T4 , 34 Awg 4 Conductor Braided Cable , 6 In Long, RoHS Compliant
Product Specifications
 Height (in) 0.394
 Weight (lbs) 0.02
 Weight (oz) 0.32
 Dia (in) 0.866
Channel 1
 Compensated Temperature ( ? The range of temperature over which the transducer is compensated to maintain Rated Output and Zero Balance within specified limits.) 60  160 F
 Excitation ( ? The voltage or current applied to the input terminals of the transducer.) 1  7 Vdc
 Hysteresis ( ? The maximum difference between the transducer output readings for the same applied load; one reading obtained by increasing the load from zero and the other by decreasing the load from Rated Output. Usually measured at half Rated Output and expressed in percent of Rated Output. Measurements should be taken as rapidly as possible to minimize Creep.) -0.5  0.5 % of R.O.
 Input Resistance  350  Ohms nom.
 Insulation Resistance 500   Mohms @ 50 Vdc
 Nonlinearity ( ? The maximum Deviation of the Calibration Curve from a straight line drawn between the no-load and Rated Load outputs, expressed as a percentage of the Rated Output and measured on increasing load only.) -0.5  0.5 % of R.O.
 Nonrepeatability ( ? The maximum difference between transducer output readings for repeated loadings under identical loading and environment conditions.) -0.2  0.2 % of R.O.
 Operating Temperature ( ? The extremes of temperature within which the transducer will operate without permanent adverse change to any of its performance characteristics.) -60  200 F
 Output Resistance  350  Ohms nom.
 Safe Overload ( ? The maximum, temporary or accidental load in percent of Rated Capacity which can be applied without producing a permanent shift in performance characteristics beyond those specified.)   150 % of R.O.
 Temperature Shift Span ( ? The change in Output due to a change in transducer temperature. Expressed as a percentage of load per degree Fahrenheit (Celsius) change temperature.) -0.04  0.04 % of Load/F
 Temperature Shift Zero ( ? The change in Zero Balance due to a change in transducer temperature. Expressed as the change in Zero Balance in percent of Rated Output per degrees Fahrenheit (Celsius) (change in temperature).) -0.02  0.02 % of R.O./F
 Zero Balance ( ? The output signal of the transducer with rated Excitation and with no-load applied, usually expressed in percent of Rated Output.) -3  3 % of R.O.
 Capacity   1 N-m
 Rated Output ( ? The signal (voltage) produced by the transducer. Where the output is directly proportional to excitation, the signal is expressed in terms of millivolts / volt (mV/V) of excitation.)  1.3  mV/V nom. ( ? The full voltage output of the load cell is expressed in terms of its supply voltage. For instance, a 2mV/V load cell would produce 2mV times the supplied voltage at full capacity.)
 Calibration Excitation  5  Vdc
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