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On-Demand USB Webinar

Traditional sensor platforms include an amplifier/signal conditioner with an active analog filter (requiring an external, stable and regulated power supply), a multi-meter display and data storage. That is far too many components to simply read and catalog data from a test and measurement platform. Thus, FUTEK introduced USB Solutions as the new method to retrieve and collect data.

This plug and play system brings familiarity to complicated sensor systems, eliminating potential for misconnection along the sensor chain in an industrial system. This On-Demand presentation covers:

  • How USB Sensors can eliminate the need for displays, power sources and amplifiers
  • How improved accuracy, resolution and sampling rates can be achieved through USB
  • Understanding the variety of applications where this technology can be utilized
  • Recognizing the cost and installation advantages compared to the traditional setup
  • How multiple sensor can to work cohesively through USB
September 7th, 2011



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