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Rotary Torque Sensor Webinar

The test and measurement industry has its own share of challenges. From product accuracy to capabilities to environmental constraints to project budget, there are many circumstances that weigh into the selection of that perfect sensor for your unique application. FUTEK understands these challenges, especially when selecting a rotary torque sensor.

For this reason, Amirreza Mehran, FUTEK's in-house expert on Rotary Torque Sensors, will share with you the versatilities and complexities of rotary torque sensors. With a product line containing capacities from 0.2 Nm to 5,000 Nm, Amirreza will present various applications depicting the vast range of uses for this line of sensors. You will walk away from this presentation with a firm grasp on:

  • The best practices when selecting and implementing rotary torque sensors into a test system
  • The environmental factors that impact the performance of rotary torque sensors
  • And the integration of rotary torque sensors with electronic components to help achieve your intended precision and accuracy
July 25th, 2012 (11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT)



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