Hold fast with FUTEK's IHH500 and LTH Series load cells
FUTEK's LTH Load Cells are primarily designed for bolt fastening applications. The benefits of installing Thru-Hole type load cells into your assembly process include: avoiding damage to bearing surfaces, decreased problematic tightening of large bolts, ease in untightening, and simultaneous tightening improvements. 

FUTEK's IHH500 Intelligent Handheld Digital Display is a portable measuring device that provides operators with the ability to take measurements on the spot. Pairing this IHH500 with FUTEK's LTH Series, operators can log data and review their findings on a computer for further analysis. The TEDS capability allows for the use of multiple sensors with one IHH500 as a Plug & Play system.
LTH Series
Thru-Hole Load Cells

•  Variety of Inner Diameter (ID) Sizes
•  50 to 50,000 lb. Capacity Range
•  Consult Factory for Custom ID and/or OD Sizes

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Handheld Digital Display

•  High Performance, Resolution, and Speed (4.8 KHz)
•  Input Range: mV/V (Strain Gauge), Voltage, Current
•  Output: USB, ASCII, Analog (Voltage and Current)
•  14 Sensor Profiles
•  Track/Hold, Peak/Valley, and Shunt Features

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Test and Measurement Software

•  Data Logging
•  Live Graphing

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