The LSB200: Trusted to get the job done.
The LSB200 is one of the most versatile sensor solutions on the market. This precision transducer is renown for its expansive capacity range, miniature dimensions, and assortment of customization options and accessories. When the S-Beam Jr. Load Cell is paired with FUTEK's USB Family and SENSIT™ Software users are provided with unrivaled functionality and pinpoint accuracy. These are only a few of the reasons that cable manufacturing, wire production, and tensile testing industries (among so many others) trust the LSB200 with their test and measurement applications.
S-Beam Jr. Load Cell

• Overload protection up to 1000%
• Capacity range from 10 g to 100 lb.
• Flexure height of 0.75 inches
• Multiple accessories for a variety of applications

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LSB200 is an in-line load cell using the threaded hole on the top and bottom.
Sensor Solution Source: Load - Torque - Pressure - Multi-Axis - Calibration - Instruments - Software