Operating under pressure.
FUTEK's Miniature Pressure Sensor (PFT510) is a general pressure solution for a variety of applications. Purposefully designed with a flat, flush mount diaphragm, this model avoids clogging at the installation port. The combination of the PFT510 with FUTEK's USB Solutions offer users the ability to create a system to monitor up to 16 channels side-to-side. In addition, utilizing the linearization feature within SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software, users can expect an improved overall performance and accuracy of the system by point-to-point linearization . This platform may also be utilized by quality inspectors/auditing teams to log data and perform further analysis.
Miniature Flush Mount Diaphragm

• High Natural Frequency
• 15 to 700 Bar Capacity Range
• Thread Options: M10x1 and 3/8-24
• PFT510 + High Speed USB Solution ideal for
  Fluid Hammer Applications

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USB Family

• Up to 14KHz Sampling Rate
• Linearization Utilitizing SENSIT
• Compatible with LabVIEW
• No External Power Supply Needed

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Test and Measurement Software

• 16 Channels
• Data Logging
• Live Graphing

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