This is arguably the most precise, versatile, and complex mechanical system to exist. The LSB200 is its lifeline.
The Miniature S-Beam Jr. Load Cell (LSB200) is FUTEK's most popular model. Recognized for its size, capacity range, and availability, the LSB200 is a prime contender for precision measurement applications, like a humanoid robot. Last year, FUTEK partnered with The Robot Studio, which led to over 60 LSB200s operating in full effect, verifying all forces, as this biomimetic humanoid functions.
S-Beam Jr. Load Cell

• Over 60 LSB200s installed within this humanoid
• Capacities ranging from 10g to 100lb.
• Overload protection up to 1000%
• No-risk lifetime warranty

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Sensor Solution Source: Load - Torque - Pressure - Multi-Axis - Calibration - Instruments - Software