Miniature Torque Screwdriver
FUTEK's Miniature Torque Screwdriver is an auditing/assembly tool used to ensure that the torque applied is always proportional and never extravagant to that fixture. Our engineers developed this tool knowing that disproportionate torsion results in the loosening of a screw throughout operation. Whereas, extravagant or excessive torque applied to a screw can result in permanent damage. FUTEK's TAT200 Reaction Torque currently operates in multiple applications, including production assembly, mechanical production, quality assurance inspections, and potential medical operations (special version of TAT200 required). 
Miniature Torque Screwdriver

• Miniature Reaction Torque Sensor
• Works with a variety of Screwdriver Adapters (bits)
• Precision Torque Auditing Tool 
• Accurate Torque Assembly Tool 

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