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Universal Design
FUTEK’s IHH500 Handheld Display is a versatile tool compatible with strain gauge sensors. Whether your application involves load cells, pressure sensors or torque sensors, our IHH500 is durable for continual automation applications and precise enough for delicate medical testing.
Options: PRO & ELITE
We understands that each application carries individual requirements. Thus, we developed two versions of our IHH500 to support your various needs.

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Multiple Platforms
FUTEK’s IHH500 was designed to fit multiple platforms and various environment setups. With that knowledge, we developed the IHH500 to with 4 inputs and 4 outputs.

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Performance Driven
A great improvement from our previous IHH200 model, FUTEK’s IHH500 has heightened specifications, including higher resolution, accuracy, and samples per second.

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