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The LSB200 - Miniature S-Beam Jr.
One of FUTEK’s most popular models, the LSB200 S-Beam Jr. Load Cell has revolutionized miniature load cell design within the test and measurement industry. With a broad capacity range of 10 grams to 100 lb., the LSB200 is able to measure both tensile and compression forces. As a dynamic sensor solution, this miniature load cell also features overload protection, a lifetime warranty, and thread options fitting American and Metric standards.
Full Compatibility
FUTEK designed the LSB200 Miniature S-Beam Jr. Load Cell to work alongside bench top displays, handheld displays, and USB Solutions. Compatible for FUTEK’s entire instrument line, the LSB200 has the capability to measure results down to the microgram.

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Lifetime Warranty
FUTEK offers a lifetime warranty with the LSB200 against manufacturing defects. The engineers of FUTEK provide this service to guarantee our customs peace of mind and assurance that our miniature load cell solution will work within your application’s requirements.

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With over a decade of manufacturing experience on the LSB200, FUTEK has seen this miniature load cell utilized in industry applications like medical testing, pharmaceutical research, aerospace safety analysis, robotics and automation, and process control.

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