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The Wright Brothers spent time observing the flight of the buzzard to help them solve the mystery of flight. They realized that the bird retained balance in the air by twisting the tips of it’s wings. By creating a wing warping method based upon this observation, the brothers were able to obtain a remarkable degree of maneuverability.


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Futek Force Sensors Support Critical Experiment on the International Space Station (ISS)

In 2008 a NASA/MIT microgravity (ug) research study will be conducted on the International Space Station (ISS). FUTEK is currently supporting this SHERE experiment (Sheer History Extension Rheology Experiment) designed to measure the viscosity properties of certain complex polymer fluids. A weightless environment is critical to this experiment to prevent gravity from causing the fluids to sag during the test, giving erroneous results. Taking these special requirements into consideration, FUTEK’s engineering team developed a force transducer

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New FUTEK Catalog!

FUTEK recently released a new version of our catalog. It now includes new products, more frequently asked questions, colorful application diagrams, industry specific pages, and clearly defined industries and capabilities. Fill out an info request to get your free catalog today. Also click here to download an interactive PDF version that will direct you to the specific product on

FUTEK Exhibits in Korea!

With FUTEK’s continuous growth in global activities, especially in the Asia region, FUTEK has partnered up with its newest representative, Sung Shin, to further expand and support its activities in Asia. FUTEK recently exhibited at the Korea KEPES2007 show from April 4th thru 6th as part of the efforts to support this development. This was FUTEK’s 2nd exhibition in Asia. In September 2006, FUTEK exhibited at the China Test Expo in Shanghai. With a wide selection of load cells from "gram to Million lbs" and torque sensors from "in-oz (gram-mm) to 540 In-Lbs and a variety of miniature package sizes, Analog & Digital output, Smart sensors with overload protection and submersible features FUTEK has successfully become the Sensor Solution Source in Automation, Robotic, System Integrators, Medical, Automotive & Aerospace Testing. Please contact FUTEK or a FUTEK authorized Representative in your area for your application needs


Bag Filling Machine

FUTEK load cell system can be used in an automated assembly-line bag filling application. As shown the upper conveyor loads parts into a hanging container. The container is connected to a load cell. The load cell monitors the weight of the container, once it reaches the preset weight the upper conveyor stops or slows down and the container gate is released to feed the bags on the lower conveyor. Then it closed the gate and will restart the upper conveyor for filling process again. FUTEK instruments can control both gates & the conveyor using 2 separate alarm set points or analog output and plc or computer system.

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TEDS – Simplifying Sensor Configuration

FUTEK is always looking for ways to simplify its customers’ job and make things more efficient. One of FUTEK’s most popular options, offered with all sensors and selected instruments, is TEDS.

What is TEDS?

TEDS stands for Transducer Electronic Data Sheet. It contains information relevant to the sensor in question, such as serial / ID number, calibration dates and calibration factors. TEDS are defined by the TDL or Template Description Language per the IEEE 1451.4 standard. TEDS is used to simplify the configuration of electronic equipment by providing all the information needed for set up and calibration of electronics. Ideally the electronics would self configure and be ready for plug & play.

How Does TEDS Affect Your Testing Applications?

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Calculators: Whether it is a simple conversion or a brain buster, the FUTEK conversion calculator can help you find the answers. Some current conversion options include: unit conversion, bolt torque, shunt calibration, zero balance, and span adjustment.

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