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FUTEK Insider / April 2012
SENSIT Test and Measurement Software
SENSIT: Better than Ever.
FUTEK’s Test and Measurement Software now integrates with Intelligent Displays.
We believe that a test-measurement platform extends beyond merely a sensor and an instrument - it should include software. Under this pretense, FUTEK’s Electrical Engineering Team developed an integrated software tool for our USB Solutions. Today, we would like to introduce the fact that we have extended the capabilities of this software to now operate with our entire USB family, IHH500 Intelligent Hand Held Display and IPM650 Intelligent Panel Meter. We call this all-inclusive software: SENIST Test and Measurement.
SENSIT Test and Measurement Software is a suite that goes beyond the traditional sensing platform moving it toward an ultimate testmeasurement solution. With capabilities such as data logging and live graphing, SENSIT
provides engineers with an intuitive environment to analyze and compute data.
SENSIT includes an array of commands allowing users the ability to define their own sensing system. From math function capabilities for immediate calculations to an easy “right click” menu to adjust fundamental operations such as peak and valley modes and tare/gross, SENSIT is adjustable per your application’s requirements.
One feature that we are particularly pleased with is the software’s multichannel capability. SENSIT has a 16 channel capacity, providing engineers the opportunity to measure 16 unique sensors at one time. These measurements can be recorded using the data logging features and quickly exported into CSV format (utilizing Microsoft Excel). All in all, we believe SENSIT will become an instrumental tool for many test-measurement engineers.
A Show For Everyone
May marks the month full of trade shows
Attention fellow aerospace engineers, FUTEK will be exhibiting at the Spacecraft Technology Expo in Los Angeles, California, USA this May.
This is the first year that we have had the privilege of showcasing our unique designs to an audience this well-versed in space-related technologies, and we are more than excited. So please feel free to
join us from May 8th through the 10th at the L.A. Convention Center at Booth 8007 to discuss any pre-launch or operations testing applications.
Secondly, FUTEK will also be in Nuremberg, Germany from May 22nd until the 24th for the prestigious Sensor + Test Trade Show. Come visit us at Booth 12-258 and meet our team,as well as several of our esteemed international representatives.
Product News
SENSIT Test and Measurement
Instruments Illustrated

(USB Series)
SENSIT Test and Measurement:
Working with our IHH500 & USB Solutions
With the introduction of USB Solutions into the test and measurement industry, FUTEK designed SENSIT Test and Measurement with the intention of further simplifying our plug & play solution. With SENSIT Test and Measurement, our USB Solutions can display the Peak/Valley, Tare/Gross and fully log and graph all the data live.
Keeping in mind our additional instrument lines, FUTEK expanded SENSIT Test and Measurement Software to provide the same data analysis for our IHH500 Intelligent Digital Handheld Display as it does for our USB Solutions.
Feature Application
Medical Bag Weighing
Medical Bag Weighing                                        
Products In Use
Miniature S-Beam Jr. (LSB200) paired with Instrumentation (IPM650, IHH500, USB Solutions, or CSG110 Amplifier).
Application Summary
Medical applications require the utmost precision. In IV or saline bag weighing, high accuracy In-Line load cells, such as FUTEK’s LSB200 Miniature SBeam, are required. When paired with instruments like FUTEK’s IHH500 or USB Solutions, data collection can be monitored through FUTEK’s SENSIT Test and Measurement Software.
External USB
(USB Solutions)
Miniature S-Beam
Feature Video
IHH500 Introduction Guide
IHH500 Introduction Guide
FUTEK’s IHH500 (Intelligent Digital Handheld Display) is a CE and RoHS approved instrument for data collection in test-measurement applications. This introductory video, led by our technical support specialists, will discuss the unique features of the IHH500.
With two different models available: the Pro and the Elite, FUTEK’s IHH500 is suitable for strain gauge sensor applications. We designed this instrument with the capability of collecting up to 4,800 samples per second, as well as storing up to 14 different sensor profiles and their individual calibrations.
This Month's Highlight
From centimeters to inches, newtons to pounds, Celsius to Fahrenheit, converting data continues to be a daily challenge for engineers. For this reason, FUTEK developed an online calculator capable of computing all those tricky and timely conversions.
In addition to the conversion calculator, FUTEK also offers a resolution calculator, bolt torque calculator, and span adjustment calculator.
Online Calculators