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In the practice of sensor measurements making sense of numerical information becomes an important factor in the usability of the sensor itself. Typical sensors output a given voltage or current as a direct relationship to the load. This load can be force, torque, pressure or temperature. The outputs given by sensors are typically raw numerical information. This information is typically useless and must be converted to a standard engineering unit. Once this conversion takes place we can start making sense of how these forces interact in a system under test. These raw voltages can be also ratiometric, meaning that output is proportionally affected by excitation voltage. Outputs can also be absolute, meaning they are not dependent on excitation voltages.

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FUTEK is pleased to announce the addition of John Schnell to our Sales Team. John has strong background in Load Cell, Torque & Pressure Sensor and instrumentation applications & Sales. John with over 30 years Experience in Sensor market has joined the FUTEK team to help with our growth plans, product development, and further addition of our sales Rep Channel. John is located in our Columbus Ohio office and waiting for your call to assist you in your application. Please Join me in Welcoming John Schnell to FUTEK.

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Car Door Test

In this particular application, a car door is being tested. This test can be used to determine whether or not the door could function for a certain time period, or how long it will last before it fails. It works by using the hydraulic / pneumatic actuator to open and close the door within a given amount of time. The force that it uses to open and close the door is controlled by the load cell. This information is then recorded and analyzed for further assessment. There are many applications for load cells in the automotive industry. Feel free to contact us for further assistance.

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Digital Load Cell Display with "TEDS"

FUTEK’s popular IPM500 Panel Mount Signal Conditioner w/ Digital Display will now support sensors with "TEDS" ID recognition option per IEEE1451.4. "TEDS" (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) option features an auto-configuration which minimizes error due to setup and re-installation. This product is widely used by system integrators and test engineers in laboratory, medical, automotive and aerospace instrumentations. In addition to providing a stable and well regulated excitation voltage to the sensor, it also provides 0-10 VDC & 4-20 mA analog output as well as RS232 / RS485 and USB interface to be used with PLC, data acquisition card or computer. FUTEK’s IPM500 display is the ideal solution for a complete sensor and instrumentation system. Some of the key features for this digital load cell display include:

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