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Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation


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Load / Force Cells

Load / Force Cells
The load or force cell takes many forms to accommodate the variety of uses throughout research and industrial applications. The majority of today's designs use strain gauges as the sensing element, whether foil or semiconductor.

Foil gauges offer the largest choice of different types and in consequence tend to be the most used in load cell designs. Strain gauge patterns offer measurement of tension, compression and shear forces.

Semiconductor strain gauges come in a smaller range of patterns but offer the advantages of being extremely small and have large gauge factors, resulting in much larger outputs for the same given stress. Due to these properties, they tend to be used for the miniature load cell designs.

20 Years of Innovation

We're pleased to celebrate a remarkable milestone this month, our 20th anniversary! Our success in this extremely competitive market can be attributed to several factors. Some will say it was our vision, while others will give the credit to the endless efforts of our FUTEK Team or continuous customer support. These factors were all critical yet do not capture the real explanation behind our success, our customers. For the past 20 years you have selected to work with FUTEK and for that we like to thank you. Our journey has brought exciting challenges and we have overcome them with success. On behalf of the FUTEK organization we thank each and one of you for the past 20 years and look forward to working with you over the next 20.

One Team. Powered By Oracle

OracleIn the month of August, FUTEK kicked off its Oracle implementation program. For the past year we have been planning this move and we're extremely excited to have selected Oracle as our partner. By working with the best we will continue to uphold our Quality Culture and bring you the best Sensor Solutions.

Unified Communication. Powered by Cisco

CiscoReliable customer support is a critical topic here at FUTEK. We are constantly evaluating how we can provide better service. To give you the best possible Customer Support, FUTEK has committed itself to Cisco Systems Unified Communication platform to further enhance our Customer Support capabilities. By working with Cisco Systems we have established an intelligent network that will support you even further with Multimedia conferencing, Voice over IP (VoIP), and communication applications.

 Load Cell Application - Brake Pedal  Testing

Load Cell Application - Brake Pedal Testing
We love applications where FUTEK products are being used, especially when it’s one of our favorite magazines. Read how the great folks of Car and Driver used a FUTEK Load Cell on their Brake Tests.

Pedal Force Load Cell - LAU220

Pedal Force Load Cell - LAU220The LAU220 Pedal Force Load Cell has become one of the most common and trusted products in the Automotive Industry. From its 17-4PH Stainless Steel one piece construction ...

New Multi Axis Load Cell measures Tri-Axial Loads – MTA505

Multi Axis Load Cell – MTA505FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. has just expanded its Multi-Axis Load Cell series with the new MTA505 Multi Axis Load Cell. The MTA505 Multi Axis Load Cell (Tri-Axial) offers an excellent solution for measuring Mx, My, and Fz loads. It is currently offered in two capacity options:
  • 10,000 lbs (Fz), 2,000 in-lbs (Mx), 2,000 in-lbs (My)
  • 25,000 lbs (Fz), 10,000 in-lbs (Mx) 10,000 in-lbs (My)

FUTEK Releases New Handheld Digital Display – IHH200

Handheld Digital Display – IHH200FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc is pleased to announce its new Handheld Digital Display, the IHH200. This product is widely used by system integrators and test engineers in laboratory, medical, automotive and aerospace instrumentations. The portable IHH200 features a 7 digit LCD Display with 8.8 mm high digits, an input range up to ±5 mV/V and is powered by 2 x AA Internal batteries (supplied) which provide battery Life of up to 35 hrs in continuous mode.

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Quick CheckoutFUTEK’s Online Checkout is built to make checkout easy and convenient. Once you create an online account, you can set up your shipment options, payment methods to make your checkout process simple. Our platform also offers you a 1-Step checkout for existing customers.

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