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FUTEK realizes quality is critical to all of our customers. We also remember the days when plastic milk crates counted as legitimate furniture and when instant noodles were a food staple. That is why FUTEK offers its high quality products with a discount on all educational orders.
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On September 7, 2011, FUTEK will hold a free global webinar, hosted by GlobalSpec, discussing their revolutionary USB SensIT Technology. Engineers, Brandon King and John Vargas, will carry you through the advancements made over the past year in regards to the hardware and software design.
Understanding that proficiency and efficiency are two key components to any sensor system, King and Vargas will demonstrate the ease and simplicity of this plug and play solution. Providing examples of live graphing and data logging, attendees can experience firsthand how this tool is a powerful integration into a test and measurement system.
Throughout the presentation you will gain a greater understanding of the variety of applications in which this technology can be applied. They will demonstrate how SensIT can improve accuracy, resolution and sampling rates with the software. They will explain how SensIT can work with multiple sensors cohesively. And, they will discuss the cost and installation benefits due to eliminating the need for further displays, power sources, and amplifiers.
Our invitation is extended to anyone interested in how USB Technology can in fact simply your current test and measurement system. So please feel free to join us on September 7th at 11:00 AM PST by registering here.
This August marks the anniversary of FUTEK. Over the past 23 years, innovation, determination, and excellence have been the hallmark for this growing company. Together, a skilled group of individuals have united their talents into forming a strong contender within test and measurement industry.
Success has come to FUTEK through the collaboration of great minds. We would like to thank all our employees, representatives, and customers for their support over the years. Without your challenges, we wouldn’t be in the solution business.
So cheers to another prosperous and exciting year!
Product News
The Thru Hole Donut Load Cell Series features 4 distinct models built for In-Line compression applications. Due to their robust composition, this line offers a uniquely high accuracy of 0.5% for capacities ranging from 50 lb. to 50,000 lb. and 600,000 lb. In addition, the LTH Series was designed to work in full compatibility with FUTEK’s USB technology, offering users a quick plug and play solution for their strenuous load applications.
FUTEK’s Thru Hole Donut Load Cells – The LTH Series
Bolt Fastening / Clamping Measurement Application
Donut Load Cells, like the FUTEK LTH300, are most commonly used in force measurement bolt fastening. The LTH300 thru hole/donut load cell is a compression miniature load cell designed for space limited bolt fastening force measurement. The LTH300 is available in diameters ranging from 1/8” – 3/8” giving a wide variety for applications where bolt force is being measured. A typical bolt tension application requires a load cell to obtain the data output of the force being measured. The purpose of bolt tension applications is to apply and maintain a desired tension on a fastener, stud, or bolt. As illustrated in the image below, FUTEK’s miniature donut load cell serves as a perfect option for this type of application. Donut Load Cells are also useful for measuring compression such as Press, or Inline compression applications.
Products used for this application:
LTH300 Donut Load Cell
Donut Load Cell
LTH400 Donut Load Cell
Donut Load Cell