FUTEK Insider / August 2014
FUTEK: 25 Years in the Making
Reaching a Milestone
Product reliability is an essential aspect of overall product quality. Therefore, we test. And test again. And in our case, we tested for almost 15 years straight.

If you've ever visited our headquarters, you might have noticed a compressed air test stand in our lobby. Well, that test stand has been going strong since 2001 performing a fatigue-test on our LSB302 S-Beam Load Cell.
Why? Well, for two reasons. First, as a testament toward our reputation of being one of the highest quality sensor manufacturers. Secondly, to see how well our load cell would perform if overloaded to 113% of its rated output. Forgot to mention that didn't I?

The LSB302 model that we chose for this quality assurance test has a capacity of 100lb. We've been loading it at 113 lb. Though we don't recommended continuous overloading, especially for 13+ years, our LSB Family does have an overload protection which you can learn more about below.
But back to the good stuff. We're nearing a milestone. A BILLION CYCLE milestone. Per our calculations, our LSB302 will endear its billionth cycle mid-2015. And we invite you to keep count with us.

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Mini S-Beam
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S-Beam Load Cell Overload Protection
Because of its robust construction, selected models from the S-Beam Load Family can sustain high volume loads. FUTEK specifically designed this sensor line with a protective feature that limits the output of the sensor, shielding it from being damaged. This unique feature provides our users with assurance that if an accidental overload is applied to the sensor, it will still perform to it intended abilities.
Specifically, our LSB200 model (Miniature S-Beam Jr.) features a 1000% safe overload rated output in tension/compression with capacities between 10 grams and 100 lb. FUTEK engineers designed the LSB200 with precision cuts that allow the unit to boast its impressive overload rating.
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Mass Flow Meter
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One S-Beam Load Cell (LSB302) paired with Instrumentation (USB Solutions, IPM650 Digital Display, IHH500 Handheld, or CSG110 Amplifier).
Application Summary
As mentioned above, since 2001, FUTEK has been performing an extensive reliability fatigue test on our LSB302 S-Beam Load Cell.
S-Beam Load Cell
(LSB Series)
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Amplifier Wiring & Installation
On-Demand: Medical Automation Webinar with USB
Every year, our Application Engineering Team comes together to develop several webinar presentations surrounding test and measurement or control feedback systems and applications.
This particular presentation revolves around medical applications. Featuring two load cell families (miniature S-Beams and Load Buttons), as well as our USB Solutions, our Application Team digs deep into the considerations required for medical devices; for instance, RoHS compliant, CE approved, non-magnet, miniature, heightened accuracy, precision, etc.
Now On-Demand, we welcome you to watch this webinar at your convenience. There are half a dozen illustrated application concepts — from quality assurance syringe testing to laparoscopic instrumentation calibration. These diagrams not only provide viewers with an idea of how these miniature load cells can be utilized within these platforms, but how USB can improve the accuracy and resolution.
So whenever you find yourself with 45 minutes to spare, here's a something to fill that time. Enjoy!