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FUTEK realizes quality is critical to all of our customers. We also remembers the days when plastic milk crates counted as legitimate furniture and when instant noodles were a food staple. That is why FUTEK offers their high quality products with a discount on all educational orders. To be eligible for this discount you must: Be a student, faculty member, or school administrator.

FUTEK Featured on Discovery Channel hit show PROTOTYPE THIS

FUTEK is proud to announce their association with PROTOTYPE THIS, an all-new Discovery Channel series. PROTOTYPE THIS brings viewers straight to the drawing board and through the design process to experience firsthand as inventions come to life. The series features a team of expert engineers who work each week to come up with one-of-a-kind prototypes of tomorrow for people to experience today. FUTEK was involved in the show, by providing a Multi Axis Load Cell (MAU300) in the the design of a Stairbot, a robotic fireman that can help firemen carry heavy equipment up a flight a stairs and a victim back down.

Watch the full episode here

FUTEK Featured on Discovery Channel hit show PROTOTYPE THIS

Happy Holidays from FUTEK

FUTEK Sensor Reliability

FUTEK Sensor Reliability
At Futek we are committed to producing the highest reliability, most advanced sensors available in the industry today. We achieve this through meticulous attention to the quality objectives at every stage of the design, testing and production of our customer-driven products. Reliability is further enhanced through the integration and commitment of all team members to our total Quality Culture.

Calibration Service 101

Calibration Service 101
Would you drive 50,000 miles without changing your oil? So what makes you think that you can use your Sensor continuously without any calibration service?

Just like changing your car's oil, your Sensors will require a periodic service check up. The service cycles will vary due to the number of variables involved. Taking this into account we’ve reviewed some of the most common focus points you should consider when deciding how often your Sensor needs calibration service.

How To Guides

How To Guides
Selecting the right Sensor for your application is no easy task. There is no real industry standard on how you go about selecting your product. Other challenges you may encounter include finding compatible instrumentation or requiring a non-standard product that could increase delivery time. Even after you pick the right sensor, it will not give you satisfactory results if it is installed incorrectly. It is also important to find a sensor manufacturer that has the experience to support your needs before and after the sale. That’s why we provided some useful tips on how to select a Load Cell, Torque Sensor, Pressure Sensor or when you’re looking to build a Sensor System Solution.

Load Cell How To Guide

Torque Sensor How To Guide

Pressure Sensor How To Guide

Sensor System Solution (Data Acquisition System)

USB Sensor Solutions

USB Sensor Solutions
FUTEK is amongst the first Sensor Manufacturers globally to offer a USB Solution for Strain Gauge Sensors. With FUTEK’s USB Sensor Solution, you can eliminate the need for amplifiers, filters, and multimeters. The set up is quick, the software is free, and the cost is much lower than a traditional Sensor System. Learn how our Engineers can integrate USB Technology into FUTEK’s vast product line of Load Cells, Torque Sensors, Pressure Sensors, and Force Sensors.

USB Sensor Technology

USB Software Technology

Available Models

USB Load Cell Diagram - Hydraulic Press

USB Load Cell Diagram - Hydraulic Press
In the process of automating hydraulic or pneumatic presses for feedback control, traditionally one load cell was used even for heavy duty presses with a few million lbs. of load capacity. As illustrated in the enclosed diagram, multiple FUTEK load cells with built-in USB interface can easily be utilized...

 Load Cell Application - Brake Pedal  Testing

Load Cell Application - Brake Pedal Testing
We love applications where FUTEK products are being used, especially when it’s one of our favorite magazines. Read how the great folks of Car and Driver used a FUTEK Load Cell on their Brake Tests.

 Torque Sensor Application - Assembly  Line / Automation

Sensors / transducers are essential in many automated assembly, packaging and labeling processes. Below, a reaction torque sensor is setup with a servo motor in an automated conveyor belt assembly line to control the tension in the winding tape while providing feedback regarding alignment, out of roll signal and other required alarms...

 Pressure Sensor Application -  Automation

Pressure sensors can be placed on the bottom of a silo or tank in order to monitor how full or empty it is by measuring & monitoring the pressure while knowing the volume & liquid density. Utilizing digital display controller, PLC, computer, or data acquisition sensor, you can measure and control the weight of the amount dispensed and/or the flow of liquid during the automation process.

FUTEK Enhances Tension & Compression Load Cell

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology Inc. is pleased to present the redesigned LCF400 Tension & Compression Load Cell. The new design features structural changes and complete welding which drastically improves this models output symmetry and accuracy. In addition to this, the LCF400 is now available with USB output and metric threads. The model is offered from 500 to 5,000 lbs, various outputs (3 mV/V, +/-5VDC, +/-10VDC, 4-20 mA), and uses heat-treated 17-4 Stainless Steel construction for optimal performance. The modified LCF400 has advantages of zero-joint failure, low impact due to extraneous loads, and has the capability of handling off center loading more efficiently and effectively.

LSB200 S-Beam Jr. with USB Output

LSB200 S-Beam Jr.The LSB200 S-Beam Jr. has become one of the signature products in FUTEK's Load Cell series and it is now available with USB Digital Interface. The perfect mixture of size, accuracy and of course the assurance of an Overload Protection feature makes this one of our most sought after models. With a height of only 0.75", the LSB200 Miniature S Beam Load Cell is a great selection where tight environments or space is a challenge. This model is widely used in Medical Bag Weighing Applications as well as automated feedback control and inline processing applications.

TFF400 Reaction Torque Sensor with USB Output

TFF400 Reaction Torque SensorFUTEK's TFF400 Reaction Torque Sensor features a Flange to Flange mounting solution with torque measurements ranging from +/- 5 inch-oz to 500 inch-pounds, (+/-0.04 to 60 Nm) and Torsional Stiffness of 325 inch-oz/radians to 199,000 inch pounds/radians. The TFF400 utilizes Metal Foil Strain Gage technology and features an Overload Protection for the low capacity units to help prevent overload damage that may occur during installation.

FUTEK Releases New Handheld Digital Display – IHH200

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc is pleased to announce its new Handheld Digital Display, the IHH200. This product is widely used by system integrators and test engineers in laboratory, medical, automotive and aerospace instrumentations. The portable IHH200 features a 7 digit LCD Display with 8.8 mm high digits, an input range up to ±5 mV/V and is powered by 2 x AA Internal batteries (supplied) which provide battery life of up to 35 hrs in continuous mode.

New Pressure Sensor for OEM Applications

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc has expanded its Pressure Sensor product line by adding the new model: Pressure Sensor PMP410. The PMP410 Pressure Sensor (OEM) provides performance and economy for a wide range of OEM applications as well as test and measurement. They are especially suited to applications subject to severe mechanical shock, vibration, and electromagnetic interference. Typical applications include hydraulics and pneumatics, compressor controls, pump protection, refrigeration and air conditioning systems, feed back control, automation and endurance and qualification testing ...

FUTEK Web Features

FUTEK Web FeaturesNotable Web Features that make your Sensor purchase a little easier. All you need to do is create an online account.

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