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2009 is approaching its end and to no surprise, the year proved to be busy and demanding on all fronts. As a small business, surviving these climates is no easy task. Fortunately, we can state that FUTEK has managed to conquer the storm. We would like to close the year and wish you a Happy Holiday Season with a bright outlook and offer a quick flashback of some of the amazing accomplishments here at the FUTEK manufacturing plant.

Over the past 12 months, FUTEK has successfully supported custom applications and have come up with Sensor Solutions for Cryogenic, Submersible, and Micro gram measurements. These solutions did not come easily and involved many challenges. Despite the challenges the FUTEK Team was able to deliver. Activities on our Miniature Sensors such as the S-Beam Jr. Load Cell, Load Buttons, and Thru Hole Load Cells increased significantly. Our Miniature Sensor line has especially become popular with system integrators, medical instrumentation, as well as Test & Measurement applications. FUTEK’s USB Solution with supporting software for strain gage sensors was a big hit in 2009 due to its simple instrumentation and ability to eliminate the need for a signal conditioner and precision power supply. FUTEK has also come across a great milestone this year finding success with a unique model offered in our miniature Load Cell product line. The S-Beam Jr. Load Cell with its proven track record enabled us to offer it with a No Risk Lifetime Warranty.

Despite the year’s economic hardships FUTEK has been faced with, we have managed to stay afloat. We were able to maintain our zero layoff record which we’ve accomplished during the past 21 years. To further enhance our quality FUTEK has initiated more training for our technical staff, continuously raising our quality standard. The FUTEK Team would like to especially acknowledge our dedicated customers for this reason. We would also like to thank our new customers for their applications and welcome them to our team. FUTEK has added many new alliances and partnerships this year as well and only hope to expand further throughout the following years. From all of us here at FUTEK we wish you a prosperous New Year!

FUTEK’s Miniature Load Cells and Sub Miniature Load Cell series provide diverse solutions for Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, and Manufacturing industries. These products offer solutions for applications in both Tension and Compression. Even with the miniature design an impressive capacity range of of 10 gram up to 20,000 lbs is available.
The FUTEK has recently released their model LSB210, a Submersible Jr. S-Beam Load Cell used in applications where protection from liquids is required. Although the product was built for a diverse range of applications examples include fiber tension, medical bag weighing, and automated feedback control systems. The LSB210 S-Beam is a model from FUTEK’s Miniature Sensors line with a thickness of 0.25 inch and low profile height of 0.75 inch. The load cell has a high accuracy with a deflection of 0.005” nominal and an operating temperature of -60° F to 200° F. As an extra feature, this model may also be offered with a USB output option.

FUTEK has recently come across a very unique and creative test stand to simulate loads created during walking. In this particular application 2 FUTEK load buttons are used to measure the force on the toe and heel movement on each foot one step at a time.

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