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Dutch engineers have developed a computerized machine that allows a cow to milk itself. Each cow in the herd has a computer chip in its collar. If the computer senses that the cow has not been milked in a given period of time, the milk-laden animal is allowed to enter the stall. The robot sensors locate the teats, apply the vacuum devices, and the cow is milked. The machine costs a mere $250,000 and is said to boost milk production by 15%.



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For several years now FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. has attended one of the largest medical OEM shows around. If you’re already planning on attending, don’t forget to visit FUTEK at booth 1600. If you haven’t planned on it, but would like to attend, email futek@futek.com to request an invitation, or register online by clicking here. Feel free to stop by booth 1600 to meet with a sales engineer and tell FUTEK your sensor needs. You may qualify for a free DMM.

Watch FUTEK featured during a special of Wheels in Motion on NBC Sunday, March 4th, 7AM Eastern.


Medical Bag Hanging Application

FUTEK products are widely used in Medical Instrumentation devices and equipment to further automate and minimize human error and provide extended features for smarter interface. Some common applications are automated drug delivery or kidney dialysis system. FUTEK Models, LSB200 & LSM250 & LSM300, LSM500, FBB350, FFP350 are some of the active models used in these applications.

Drug Delivery

Originally, a hanging bag that held fluid, medication, or other nutrients were infused to a patient using various clamping methods to regulate the flow. This process required continual monitoring to ensure that the solution was being delivered properly, that the bag was…

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Sensors in Medical Automation / Instrumentation

Today, more and more medical equipments depend on automation and closed loop systems. In turn, these systems require sensors for feed back & precision control, as well as extended capabilities. As miniaturized sensors become smarter and are being utilized with direct interface features (capabilities) such as USB and RS485/canbus, they are helping further the advancement of medical instrumentation as well as the development of micro technology equipment. Moreover, capabilities of submergible sensors, cryogenic sensors, ROHS compliant sensors, and MRI compatible sensors make challenges more feasible to overcome in this demanding market / industry. Many medical instrumentation companies have teamed up…

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