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The History of Pressure Measurement

The History of Pressure MeasurementIn 1843, Lucien Vidie, French scientist, invented and built the aneroid barometer, which uses a spring balance instead of a liquid to measure atmospheric pressure. The spring extension under pressure is mechanically amplified on an indicator system. Employing the indicator method of Vidie, Eugene Bourdon (founder of the Bourdon Sedeme Company) patented 1849 the Bourdon tube pressure gauge for higher pressures.

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FUTEK Sensor Reliability

FUTEK Sensor Reliability
At Futek we are committed to producing the highest reliability, most advanced sensors available in the industry today. We achieve this through meticulous attention to the quality objectives at every stage of the design, testing and production of our customer-driven products. Reliability is further enhanced through the integration and commitment of all team members to our total Quality Culture.


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New Checkout Interface

New Checkout Interface
Our web team is always working on upgrading the www.futek.com site and with the New Year upon us a major upgrade has been made to our checkout. In 3 easy steps your order information is taken and you will be the proud owner of a FUTEK Sensor. And for those of you who are concerned about security, please note that our online checkout is fully secure through Verisign.

 Prosthetic Limbs

Prosthetic Limbs Application
Sensors and transducers have been very instrumental in the development of prosthetic devices. They allow prosthetic devices to closely mimic human limbs. In the example above, a smart/digital torque transducer in line with a stepper motor is providing torque & position feedback to an electronic feedback controller/wireless device.

CSG110 Inline Signal Conditioner / Amplifier

CSG110 Inline Signal Conditioner / Amplifier FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce that our popular CSG110 Inline Signal Conditioner/Amplifier can now be provided lead free per RoHS directive’s requirements. The CSG110 Signal Conditioner/Amplifier is FUTEK’s solution for in-line amplifier of any full bridge strain gauge type sensor with mV/V range output to provide VDC and/or 4-20mA signal with built-in regulated bridge excitation source.

Cross Reference

Cross ReferenceConfused about switching from another Sensor Supplier to FUTEK? Don’t Stress! Use our easy Cross Reference tool to find the closest FUTEK replacement model.

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