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It is commonly understood that the accuracy of a measurement device (such as a Load Cell, Torque Sensor, Pressure Sensor etc) will shift due to wear and tear and product abuse. To understand and offset this factor, calibration at scheduled intervals is essential. This will ensure that measurements of the Sensor is restored to optimal conditions. Furthermore, ISO9000 specifies a calibration if there’s a 1% degradation on the Sensor measurements.
Companies spend huge amounts of time and money installing state-of-the art system for assembly, automation, testing but rarely put much effort into measuring the accuracy of what they have installed. This is very short-sighted because whenever production or test data is inaccurate, the company faces the risk of delivering defective products. That is why FUTEK recommends to most of its users to establish a calibration plan to verify and assure precise measurements.

FUTEK Calibration Labs has the capability and accreditation to calibrate FUTEK Sensors as well as other brands . Our Full Gamut of Services of includes:
  • Deadweight: from 1 Milligram to 10,000 Lbf | Hydraulic: Up to 400,000 Lbf
  • Torque Sensor Calibration Range - 0.2 in-oz to 300,000 in-lbf
  • Pressure Sensor Calibration Range - 1 psia to 13,000 psig
  • Calibrated per NIST Standards (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
  • A2LA Certified Calibration Available

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FUTEK’s Miniature Load Cells and Sub Miniature Load Cell series provide diverse solutions for Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, and Manufacturing industries. These products offer solutions for applications in both Tension and Compression. Even with the miniature design an impressive capacity range of of 10 gram up to 20,000 lbs is available.
The field of Musculoskeletal Testing or Biomechanics often utilize Force Sensor (aka Load Cells) to gain a greater understanding in the dynamic variables affecting balance, posture, and neuromuscular control of spinal load. As the illustration shows, a S Beam Type Load Cells can be mounted onto a flat surface where a cable or steel string is connected at the top of the sensor. The other end of the cable is assembled to a hip or any free moving bone structure that is mounted for movement. As the bone is moved a tensile force is applied on the S Beam Load Cell. In such a setup, the S Beam Load Cell can be connected to a Digital Display or PC where the measurements can be recorded.
Tension & Compression Load Cell
Tension & Compression Load Cell
Signal Conditioned Digital Display
FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. (FUTEK) is now offering its LTH300 Donut/Thru hole Load Cell with a USB Output option. The new module eliminates the need for an analog amplifier, power supply, and display equipment making usage that much easier. The plug and play gives you power to monitor the output of the sensor and enjoy measurement without any worries about noise, temperature variation or power supply requirement. The USB integration also includes FUTEK’s USB Software which allows users to monitor the output of the Sensor in real time.

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