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Throughout our two decade existence, we’ve had the opportunity to work on a great number of Torque Sensor applications for both reaction and rotary type sensors. Throughout this time we’ve also seen incredibly bright engineers make incredibly unwise decisions when implementing their sensor systems. So we hope that with these guidelines, engineers and technicians can learn and avoid some of the common mistakes made.
Torque Sensor Types
Proper care of your Torque Sensor
Similar to our Load Cells, Torque Sensors are also extremely sensitive when applying force during your application. Thus, proper handling and installation will be essential in order to get the most accurate outputs. Here are some useful tips to consider:

Reaction & Rotary Torque Sensors
Selecting the right type of application for your reaction type Torque Sensor is very critical. Reaction Torque Sensors do not rotate, they can only be used up to 360 degrees of rotation without having the cable to begin wrapping around the body. If your application requires more then one revolution or measurement of speed, this would require our Rotary Torque Sensor.

If choosing a Rotary Torque Sensor, make sure you follow the basic guidelines.
Additional Guidelines
At FUTEK we’re big believers of educating our audience. Here are a few additional sections you should check out!

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FUTEK is proud to announce its accordance of ISO 9001:2008 Certification. Once again FUTEK has proved their consistency in attaining an ISO Certification of our Quality Management System. With the help of the FUTEK Team and led by our highly detailed Quality Team, FUTEK has successfully met the ISO standards.
ISO 9001:2008 Certification
This certification recognizes and ensures a management system capable of the highest level of product quality and customer support. The ISO 9001:2008 quality standard places greater accountability on executive management’s involvement and instills measurable objectives in the Quality Management System. Additionally, the standard now examines the extent to which a company’s Quality System contains customer–focused elements, including understanding needs, meeting requirements, and keeping customers informed as well as measuring their satisfaction.
Product News
FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology is proud to now offer their LLB400 Miniature Load Button Load Cell with improved overall accuracy. FUTEK’s Engineering team have once again joined together to further enhance one of the Load Buttons offered in their Miniature Load Cell line. In order to better serve FUTEK customers, a consistent process is used to provide the best Sensor Solutions. Because FUTEK’s Quality Culture is continuously implemented into every process to further improve and innovate products the Engineering Team saw an opportunity for enhancements on the LLB400 and with this process were able to significantly improve the accuracy of this model. Model LLB400 now has an increased nonlinearity of +/-0.15% from +/-0.5%. With this improvement not only is the sensor more accurate but nonrepeatability has also improved from +/-0.1% to +/-0.05% on model capacities ranging from 100lbs. to 2,000lbs.
High Accuracy Miniature Load Button Load Cell
Wire Tension / Compression Measurement Application
Monitoring Tension Wires can be effectively done using the proper Load Cell or several Load cells as illustrated in the above diagram. For this application FUTEK Engineers utilize a LSB200 with a custom designed fixture to measure the force that the wire is applying onto the Load Cell. For ease of connectivity, a USB output option was added to the Load Cell where the system can monitor 8 to 16 channels with 1 software (FUTEK’s USB Software). For this application the LSB200 Load Cell (S-Beam Jr.) can be used for both Compression and Tensile measurements.
Products used for this application:
JR S-Beam Load Cell
External USB Output Kit