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Standard Isn’t Always The Answer – A Look Into FUTEK’s Custom Sensors
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At FUTEK, we understand that industries face unique challenges everyday. Therefore, we’ve made it our mission to help provide those companies with ease in finding solutions for their test and measurement applications. We call this being “solution-minded.”
Because of this mentality, FUTEK also understands that not all standard products will accommodate every application’s needs. And that is why for the past 20 years we have explored the field of customization. Our in house engineering and manufacturing teams are extremely qualified and capable of modifying our standard products to meet your specific requirements. If there isn’t a standard product similar to your requirement, then we will work with you to design a purely customized design.
Knowing the importance of finding a solution, FUTEK launched a new web section outlining our efforts to work with you in providing the best possible and most efficient solution for your application needs. From a full list of capabilities to examples of unique applications to our OEM solutions, our intention is to show you that every challenge can have a solution.
So whether it be load cells, torque sensors, force sensors, pressure sensors or instrumentation that need adapting or customizing, our team will work with you to produce a sensible and suitable solution.
Earlier this month, FUTEK participated in an online virtual tradeshow held by GlobalSpec. We decided to use the “Sensors & Switches” platform to feature the updates and advancements we have made to our revolutionary USB technology.
The development of a simple plug & play solution system in and of itself is a unique and sophisticated addition to a sensor platform; but adding our most recent advancements makes FUTEK’s USB Kits an effortless feat in live data logging and graphing.
The “Sensors & Switches” tradeshow allowed engineers Brandon King, Andrew Sata, and Steve Tran to converse with our audience on the benefits this USB system can bring to their current and future test and measurement applications.
In addition to sharing information about our USB Solutions Kits, we decided to share the entire system plus it’s software with one lucky visitor. That’s right, FUTEK held another application contest, in which the grand prize stood as our full USB Solutions Kit with the extended software.
We would like to extend a big congratulations to Jeff Leismer and his team at VibeTech for their impressive musculoskeletal loading device application! They presented us with a unique approach to utilize our USB technology in the medical industry. And for their efforts, we are proud that they will be performing this application with our USB Solutions Kit.
Product News
FUTEK understands that your applications have fast approaching deadlines, and we wanted to inform you that all of our rotary torque models are in stock and awaiting your application. So whether your application calls for a Rotary Drive Sensor, Rotary Hex Sensor, or Rotary Shaft Sensor, rest with ease knowing that your project timeline can remain the same.
A Moving Revolution - Rotary Torque Sensors
Wire Tension / Compression Measurement Application
Monitoring Tension Wires can be effectively done using the proper Load Cell or several Load cells as illustrated in the above diagram. For this application FUTEK Engineers utilize a LSB200 with a custom designed fixture to measure the force that the wire is applying onto the Load Cell. For ease of connectivity, a USB output option was added to the Load Cell where the system can monitor 8 to 16 channels with 1 software (FUTEK’s USB Software). For this application the LSB200 Load Cell (S-Beam Jr.) can be used for both Compression and Tensile measurements.
Products used for this application:
JR S-Beam Load Cell
External USB Output Kit