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FUTEK Insider / February 2012
FUTEK's Miniature Sensors - A Size that matters.
A Size That Matters
FUTEK’s Miniature Sensor Series
Miniature sensors have started a new wave of possibilities within the test and measurement industry. Not only do they possess the same precision as most robust sensors, but they also alleviate the stresses of space and conformity within a sensor platform.
FUTEK’s miniature load cells and torque sensors carry that same novelty. They are by definition small, but more importantly precise, capable, and versatile. To highlight the many core features these miniature models have, we created yet another web Solution Section. This Solution Section is designed to help engineers build their understanding of “miniature” test measurement platforms.
Within these web pages, users will find technical information highlighting the many core features
of our miniature models. Conveniently organized by model specific characteristics, users will find over thirty product solutions. So if your application calls for an In-Line Load Cell, S-Beam Load Cell, or Reaction Torque Sensor, you can easily navigate toward that model.
We also understand that data retention in a measurement platform is essential, and instruments and accessories do in fact play a vital role. Thus, all miniature instruments and accessories are readily available, as well as several industry specific applications demonstrating their use.
So whether your application requires a fatigue rated load cell for automation testing or a precision load cell for delicate medical research, we are sure that where space may be an issue a solution can be found.
A “Mini” Webinar
A FUTEK presentation on our Miniature
S-Beam Jr. Load Cell
On February 15th, FUTEK’s Director of Engineering, Richard Walker, led a presentation covering the “in’s” and “out’s” of FUTEK’s infamous LSB200 Miniature S-Beam Load Cell. From the basics of strain gauge technology to the complexities of industry specific applications, Richard opened up on the logic, design, and development of FUTEK’s
miniature model. With 35 countries in attendance, listeners gathered the following information: the best practices for miniature models, the environment factors impacting load cells, and how to fully integrate a miniature sensor system. If you wish to view this presentation, simply click on the link below. The On-Demand presentation also includes the Q&A session from the live recording.
Product News
Rotary Torque Sensor System
Instruments Illustrated

(USB Series)
Strain Gage
Rotary Torque Sensor System
We understand that having options when building a sensor platform is, well, essential. So we have worked diligently on our advancements with our electronic components over the past few years leading to a greater compatibility between sensor and instrument. For instance, FUTEK’s Rotary Torque Sensors easily pair with our CSG110 amplifier, our USB Solutions, our newly released IHH500 Handheld Display, and our IPM650 Digital Display. Visit our Rotary Torque Solution page for examples of test measurement platforms incorporating these sensors with our instrument line.
Feature Application
Wire/Cable Tension Measurement
Wire/Cable Tension Measurement        
Products In Use
Miniature S-Beam Jr. (LSB200) paired with FUTEK’s UBS Solutions for monitoring tension force and data collection.
Application Summary
Wire tension measurement is an integral part for manufacturers of fibers, cables, and even textile fabrics. This method of measurement allows manufactures to ensure their products fit their requirements. Pairing FUTEK’s LSB200 Miniature Load Cell with FUTEK’s USB Solutions provides operators and engineers with real time measurements of these delicate textiles.
Miniature S-Beam
Load Cell
External USB
(USB Solutions)
Feature Video
Rotary Torque Sensor + USB Solution
Rotary Torque Sensor + USB Solution
Here is a video tutorial exemplifying how FUTEK’s USB Solutions can be paired with a Rotary Torque Sensor to optimize results within a stationary application. This specific application highlights the use of a TRH Series Torque Sensor coupled to a power tool to fasten bolts on a stationary surface. Utilizing FUTEK’s USB Solutions in conjuncture with the SENSIT Software, the torsion from the power tool to the bolt can be measured, logged and graphed instantaneously onto the operator's PC. This method of data collection allows the operator the ability to review and compare data from this test with future or previous tests conducted.
This Month's Highlight
As experts in the test and measurement industry, we always find it necessary to share the latest and greatest with our audience - and that doesn’t exclude posting new applications. From industrial automation to precision robotics to pushing the limits of gravity, we enjoy sharing how sensors continue evolving and what new projects FUTEK is involved in.
So, check out our application section. Get inspired. Because we are!