FUTEK Insider / February 2014
FUTEK: 25 Years in the Making
A Quantity of Quality
All transducer manufacturers have Quality Departments. Regardless of the production system in place, mistakes happen. For many companies, the quality team inspects selections of their product to ensure that the samples from that batch are up to the standards they guarantee. At a point, however, this becomes little more than sorting the good units from the bad; this is regarded as "inspecting in quality."
At FUTEK, the acronym QC does not stand for Quality Control, but Quality Culture. This philosophy relies on more than a declaration of "good" and "bad", which will not do for FUTEK where "Failure is not an Option" for our medical and space programs. Instead, FUTEK relies on an inspiration for continual success through training. Trust, mutual respect and ethical behavior are essential to FUTEK's relationships with our professional partners, our customers, and our employees. In these relationships, we conduct our business with the highest ethical standards and with the exercise of good business judgment.
The idea is not to eliminate faulty output, but to minimize the need for re-work altogether. Accountability is accentuated in day-to-day operations, requiring precision results by equipping every employee with the proper training and the right tools for each job. As an ISO-certified manufacturer, FUTEK commits every employee to uphold the highest standards of business conduct and ethics - complying with laws, avoiding conflicts of interest, meeting our business goals honestly, and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.

Training is perpetual at FUTEK. When an employee is brought into our family, they are given the time and resources they require to ensure a complete understanding of the tasks their position demands. Our Quality Department maintains these standards by periodical checks, utilizing sample groups of products from batches produced. To encourage consistency, FUTEK utilizes a qualification program. This program constantly evaluates our team members at key checkpoints throughout the year, wherein they perform their function and are provided with immediate feedback. These qualifications are performed at various points per year – quarterly, bi-monthly, or bi-annually – and allow the entire FUTEK family a chance to celebrate their successes and refine their opportunities.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes (Who will guard the guards themselves)? Twice a year, FUTEK executes ISO-required, internal audits. This allows cross-functional personnel to examine the Quality Department itself, ensuring that even those we ask to ensure our culture of quality, is adhering to the same high-level standards.
Mistakes happen. Accidents occur. Some other quality teams may react to these situations by just controlling the damage. At FUTEK we have taken a different approach, one that does more than sort the good from the bad, by proactively minimizing quality challenges by investing in our team every single day and instilling a sense of quality that personifies our philosophy.

Featured Product

Instruments Illustrated

S-Beam Jr.
Tension Hook
Load Button
Miniature S-Beam with Overload Protection & Accessories
FUTEK's LSB200 Miniature S-Beam Jr. sets a new standard in terms of versatility. With nearly a dozen accessories and an overload protection up to 1000%, the LSB200 allows for users to easily integrate this miniature load cell into a majority of medical devices for live force feedback for process control.
Take the medical industry as an example. It is vital to have live force measurement for healthcare equipment. Medical device manufacturers call upon quality assurance engineers to inspect their saline (IV) drip bags. (View this example.)

Feature Application
OEM Syringe Test Stand
OEM Syringe Test Stand

Products In Use
One S-Beam Jr. Load Cell (LSB200), Side-Mount Series Load Cell (LSM Series), or Load Button Load Cell (LLB Series) paired with Instrumentation (CSG110, IPM650, IHH500, or USB Solutions) and SENSIT Test and Measurement Software.
Application Summary
It is vital to perform quality audits on equipment used in health-care practices. Therefore, utilizing OEM load cells to audit syringes (infusion pumps) provides medical quality inspectors with assurance that these apparatuses will perform up to code.
Miniature S-Beam Jr.
USB Solutions
(USB Family)
Feature Video
IPM650 Benefits and Features
Javad Mokhbery –
LTU Venture Series Speaker
A 1979 graduate of Lawrence Technological University, Javad Mokhbery was extended the privilege to return to his alma mater as a speaker for the Entrepreneurial Venture Series. Engaging with student, Javad shared his experiences on campus and how they steered him to found FUTEK, which in turn led to partnerships with organizations like NASA. But more importantly, he emphasized the importance of the art of anticipation, "You have to dig the well before you get thirsty," when making business decisions. Feel free to tune into his presentation for more words of wisdom.
This Month's Highlight
Sensor + Test 2014. Nuremburg, Germany. June 3-5, 2014. Booth 12-330. Register now.
FUTEK has the privilege of exhibiting our newest developments in load, torque, pressure, instrumentation and software at this year’s Sensor + Test Trade Show in Nuremberg, Germany. This trade show is one of the largest international test and measurement conferences. Please join us June 3-5 at booth 12-330 for a quick chat.