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FUTEK is going on a Mission to Mars


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The History of Pressure Measurement

The History of Pressure MeasurementIn 1594, Galileo Galilei born in Pisa (Italy), obtains the patent for a machine to pump water from a river for the irrigation of land. The heart of the pump was a syringe. Galileo Galilei found that 10 meters was the limit to which the water would rise in the suction pump, but had no explanation for this phenomenon. Scientists were then devoted to find the cause for this.

FUTEK is going on a Mission to Mars

FUTEK is going on a Mission to Mars
FUTEK cryogenic force sensors will play a key role in the Mars Science Laboratory that is scheduled to travel to Mars in late 2009. This mission is the next step of NASA's Mars Exploration Program, a long-term effort of robotic exploration of the red planet. Mars Science Laboratory is a rover that will assess a variety of scientific objectives, including whether Mars ever was, or is still today, an environment able to support microbial life. The rover will carry the biggest, most advanced suite of instruments for scientific studies ever sent to the Martian surface. Dozens of samples of Mars soil and rocks will be analyzed by the rover to detect chemical building blocks of life as well as what the Martian environment was like in the past.

 Pressure Verification

Pressure Verification Application
Pressure sensors are used to measure pressure in fluid or gas applications. In this particular example, gas is compressed in the compressor. When the gas is let out it needs to be cooled down since compression of gas usually increases its temperature. The pressure sensor monitors the actual pressure of the air before it gets transferred to the dryer.

New Pressure Sensor for OEM Applications

New Pressure Sensor for OEM Applications FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc has expanded its Pressure Sensor product line by adding the new model: Pressure Sensor PMP410. The PMP410 Pressure Sensor (OEM) provides performance and economy for a wide range of OEM applications as well as test and measurement. They are especially suited to applications subject to severe mechanical shock, vibration, and electromagnetic interference. Typical applications include hydraulics and pneumatics, compressor controls, pump protection, refrigeration and air conditional systems, feed back control, automation and endurance and qualification testing ...

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