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FUTEK realizes quality is critical to all of our customers. We also remember the days when plastic milk crates counted as legitimate furniture and when instant noodles were a food staple. That is why FUTEK offers their high quality products with a discount on all educational orders.
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The New Year is upon us and here at FUTEK Engineering Labs we have been extremely busy conjuring new ideas. This is partially because we are an ambitious group and partially because our ISO Management reviews are pretty demanding. Nonetheless it keeps us occupied in this windy economy and for that we are grateful. With that said we are excited to present our latest product development in our load cell line the: LPM200 Panel Mount Load Cell.
The Panel Mount Load Cell (LPM200) offers distinct advantage in its miniature size, a robust flexure and low capacity of 10 gram to 5 lbs. A common challenge for low capacity sensors is the damage the sensor can incur during installation. With the LPM200’s design, this challenge has been greatly minimized. Furthermore, the product features an overload protection of 1000% (note that this percentage is not a typo and we do mean 1000%) of Rated Output for all the capacities (10 grams to 5 lbs). The installation of the product also became a critical design focus for FUTEK Engineers. By threading the flexure, the LPM200 can easily be installed for usage. The LPM200 uses a tough #28 AWG 4 Conductor Braided Shielded Clear PVC cable but as an extra feature, this model may also be offered with a USB output option.
As the diagram above illustrates, the LPM can easily be threaded onto a platform during installation. The product was built for a diverse range of applications such as fiber tensile force measurement or automated feedback control systems. The LPM200 is a model from FUTEK’s miniature Sensors line with a diameter of 0.75 inch and height of 2.09 inch. The load cell has a high accuracy with an operating temperature of -67° F to 221° F.
In 1996 FUTEK was one of the first Sensor Manufacturers to launch a website. At that time, few companies dared to leap in the e-commerce world. FUTEK made that step and never looked back. For 2010 we’re pleased to announce the launch of our Twitter feed, YouTube Channel, Linked in Group, and Facebook profile. Bob Dylan sang it 50 years ago, “The Times They Are a-Changin” and although we’re certain he was not referring to the rise of social media, we’re pretty sure he was talking about evolving.
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Reaction Torque Sensors can be used in the measurement of Clutch/Motor rotary forces. In this application a Reaction Torque Sensor is bolted to the motor and to a fixed plate which then connects to a Clutch or Break. The rotating shaft goes through the Reaction Torque Sensor (but does not contact sensor) where it connects to the motor. FUTEK’s TFF400 - TFF750 series would be ideal for usage in this case. For more tips on Torque Sensor Applications read this article on how to select a Torque Sensor.
Reaction Torque Sensor Application