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FUTEK Insider / January 2012
CSG Series - Bring on the Intensity
Bring on the Intensity
The new and improved CSG110 Strain Gauge Amplifier
FUTEK’s trend from 2011 has continued into 2012. What trend might this be? Well, we have developed another Sensor Solution Section on our website. But unlike its predecessors, this Solution Section is dedicated to an electronic instrument.
We are proud to introduce the CSG110 Strain Gauge Amplifier Solution Section. Within these dutiful pages, users can find any and all information pertaining to this amplifier, especially relating to its latest improvements.
Over the past few years, our Electronic Engineering Team has worked diligently to redesign and expand the CSG110. Our objective was to vastly improve the performance of this electronic device and we exceeded all expectations. In addition to our 1 kHz model,
the new CSG series offers models with 10 and 25 kHz bandwidth options, which have been reworked to significantly reduce noise interruptions. Also, in consideration of our users, FUTEK has constructed the CSG110 to meet all the requirements for both CE and RoHS’ highest criteria. It’s because of all these changes made to the CSG110 that we decided it’s best to outline within a well-organized and highly accessible web-based forum; hence, the CSG Solution Section.
This Solution Section provides viewers with an overview of all the additions made to the amplifier, as well as its unique specifications. There is a full models page, including highlighted points per CSG110 unit. And finally, our application engineers even created seven unique video tutorials for CSG110. So check it out and let us know if you have any questions regarding these advancements.
New Year, New Webinar
FUTEK presents a full webinar on miniature load cells
Date: February 15th
Location: Online
Some of you may have caught on to our fondness of webinars from the previous year. And though webinars are a great avenue for sharing product development, our intention with each and every webinar is to share our knowledge with the test
and measurement community. We know that many engineering students and application engineers refer to case studies and online seminars for instruction and insider information on advancements within this industry. For this reason, FUTEK will look for every opportunity to continue this practice and share our technical expertise with you. We invite you to drop in on our next exclusive webinar presented by our Director of Engineering.
Product News
Miniature Load Cell System
Models Illustrated

S-Beam Jr.
(USB Series)
Strain Gage
Miniature Load Cell System
Over the past year, we’ve enhanced our electronic components. And though we’ve shared our remarkable progress with our instrumentation line, we never quite mentioned their usage alongside our signature LSB200 Miniature S-Beam Jr. Load Cell. Fortunately when FUTEK designed and engineered the LSB200, we took into account its need to be compatible will both digital and analog output instruments. Today, our mini model is adept in working alongside our improved CSG110 amplifier, all our USB Solutions, our newly released IHH500 Handheld Display, and our soon to be released IPM650 Digital Display. Now that’s compatibility.
Feature Application
Industrial Automation Container Filling
Industrial Automation Container Filling
Products In Use
Load Cells (LSB and LCF Series) paired with Instrumentation (IHH500 or IPM650) with the possibility of collecting data on a Computer/PLC
Application Summary
FUTEK’s load cells are designed to fit applications like industrial automation container filling and/or weighing. As shown in the diagram below, a load cell platform is installed in an automation line to monitor equal distribution through packaging.
LCF450 Load Cell
IHH500 Handheld
Feature Video
CSG110 - FAQ Video
CSG110 - FAQ Video
This video is a complete tutorial to assist you in finding the correct dipswitch setting per your application’s requirements. To make this process as easy as possible, FUTEK created an online dipswitch setting excel file. (To access this excel file, please click on the gain settings link.) Once opened, enter your specific mV/V output in the indicated cell. After you have entered this information, select the appropriate highlighted dipswitch setting. Additional information on identifying the correct regarding the location of the dipswitch can be found on the inside cover of the CSG110.
This Month's Highlight
Let's face it. We're all part of the social media generation now. We're always following someone or something, eagerly awaiting their latest and greatest. So why not add FUTEK to your list. We won't bombard you with promotional news or sales antics, but rather what's on our mind, where we're off to, or whose ideas we find interesting. Not to mention, our Director of Engineering happens to be a frequent tweeter, and is always bound to have something exciting to say. So why not. It's easy, it's free, and we know you're already doing it.