FUTEK Insider / January 2013
Cycles of Absolute Certainty
Cycles of Absolute Certainty
In the world of test and measurement, there are applications that require absolute certainty; medical device performance and flight safety testing are two examples. These applications require the ultimate assurance free from any implications of failure. And FUTEK understands that requirement.
As a testament to our quality and reliability, we strive only to produce excellent products that will meet or exceed your quality expectations. FUTEK’s Rotary Torque Series is a great example of a sensor line that meets applications requiring absolute certainty. With features including an extensive capacity range, multiple output options, and heightened accuracy, these sensors are adept at torque measurements in various environments. Furthermore, there are several shaft options, such as flange, hex drive, and square drive allowing users more versatility.
Unique to FUTEK is our transparency. We see
great benefits in illustrating various applications in which our products are being used. From auditing power tools to monitoring motor test stands to testing athletic equipment, FUTEK’s Rotary Torques are efficient at producing measurements in quite an array of environments.
But we didn’t end our efforts of “knowledge sharing” there. Last Fall, FUTEK’s in-house expert on Rotary Torque Sensors presented a 45-minute webinar, which is now available On-Demand. Within this presentation, you can learn the best practices on selecting and implementing rotary torque sensors, as well as integrating electronics into your platform.
As you can see, there’s a plethora of information on our website regarding these sensors. So click on the link below to explore and feel free to contact use at any time.
While the Mars Rover Prepares to Drill, FUTEK Awaits Sensor Feedback
Over the past five months, the Mars Rover Curiosity canvassed the Red Planet in search of the perfect drilling ground. That site has finally been found.
FUTEK designed and developed two customized sensors for this exact moment. Within the drilling arm of the rover sits a Thru-Hole Load Cell FUTEK manufactured to measure the forces of the drill bit as it bores into the Martian terrain. The secondary Multi-Axial Sensor sits within the rover's robotic arm. As the arm maneuvers, this three component
sensor provides feedback to the operating device identifying the levels of torsion and force applied by the arm.
Being that the drill is the rover's most complex device, both sensors will play a crucial role during these drilling expeditions. It is expected that Curiosity will burrow five two-inch holes into the bedrock. These holes will provide the first traces for analysis for the rover's two chemistry labs.
Stay tuned-in with us as we await what Curiosity unearths!
Product News
FUTEK’s USB320: USB Solutions for Rotary Torque Sensors
Instruments Illustrated

TRS Series
(TRS Series)
TRH Series
Hex Drive
(TRH Series)
USB Solutions for Rotary Torque Sensors Understanding that many applications may require a plug-and-play solution over a digital display or panel mount, FUTEK’s Electrical Engineering Team set out to design specific USB Solutions for our various sensor lines. Specifically for Rotary Torque Sensors, our Electrical Engineering Team developed the USB320 Solution.
With specifications including a 12 VCD power output, a sampling rate up to 4,800 samples per second, and an internal resolution of 24 Bits, the USB320 is a perfect companion for angle and speed measurements. Additionally, the USB320 utilizes FUTEK’s SENSIT Test and Measurement Software.
Feature Application
Being that the NHL recently lifted its lockdown, the FUTEK team found it appropriate to highlight this particular rotary torque application.
Industrial Robotic Automation
Industrial Robotic Automation

Products In Use
Rotary Torque Sensor paired with Instrumentation (IHH500, IPM650, and USB Solutions).
Application Summary
Due to safety regulations and consumer manufacturing standards, athletic equipment manufacturers often use Rotary Torque Sensors for commercial product testing.
TRS Series
Rotary Torque
(TRS Series)
Panel Mount
Feature Video
Rotary Torque Sensors + the IHH500
Rotary Torque Sensors + the IHH500
Much like our Nut Runner Torque Application depiction, FUTEK’s Rotary Torque Sensors are frequently use to audit a power tool’s performance. In this tutorial video, FUTEK’s Technical Support Team illustrates the relationship between a specific sensor and instrument. Pairing the TRH300 Rotary Torque Hex Drive Sensor with the IHH500 HandHeld Digital Display, engineers and operators alike are able to accurately and efficiently perform torque audits. The IHH500 performs swiftly, allowing users to change screen views at the push of a button.Utilizing FUTEK’s SENSIT Test and Measurement Software provides further capabilities, such as live graphing and data logging.
This Month's Highlight
OEM Solutions
Throughout 2012, FUTEK produced several informative webinars about new product releases, unusual/custom applications and their solutions, and specific sensor families and their capabilities. Well, it’s 2013 and we are carrying on that tradition! In fact, mark your calendars because on March 14th we are airing a webinar on our OEM Solutions. This presentation will highlight entire OEM sensor lines, common practices in choosing OEM products and manufacturers, and applications illustrating OEM solutions in action.