Not just for products, but for people too
Everyone knows that perfection is an impossible feat. And every company knows that one year of success doesn't guarantee another. You need innovation, honesty, quality, hard work, and great people.
At FUTEK, we call it continuous improvement.
Since our start, we've held to this motto -- no matter the excellence achieved, we can do better. And with it in mind, we built a team of teachers and students.
The notion of continuous improvement is not just for products, but applies to our team's talent and camaraderie as well. Each FUTEK team member can be both a student and teacher. We all have the opportunity to grow, as well as to advise.
To cultivate accountability, reliance, and trust, FUTEK developed an open-door, transparent training program.

When an employee is brought on board, FUTEK gives them time and resources to ensure a complete understanding of the tasks their position demands. Our Quality Department maintains these standards with regular checks, utilizing sample groups of products from batches produced. To encourage consistency, FUTEK utilizes a qualification program that constantly evaluates our team members at key checkpoints throughout the year, providing them with immediate feedback. These qualifications are performed at various points per year — quarterly, bi-monthly, or bi-annually — and allow the entire FUTEK team a chance to celebrate their successes and hone their craft.
We refuse to be only as good as our weakest player. Instead, we all choose to constantly grow in our work, embracing new challenges, and mentoring the newest among our team. Through this growth, both our products and our people can only get better.