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OEM Load Cells - Improved for Custom Requirements

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc is now able to offer its LSM250 and LSM300 Precision Load Cells to meet custom requirements such as high temperature (steel version only), low temperature, water resistant, and high humidity for custom applications. In the past these products were not able to withstand to such environments as the components were exposed (on the LSM250) or had limited coverage (LSM300). FUTEK Engineers can modify these standard products to meet more resistive environments. Additional enhancements can also be made to use these Precision Load Cells in MRI applications. The standard LSM250/300 Precision Load Cell series offers an OEM solution with exceptional accuracy and price for high volume applications. The product is utilized in both tension and compression, and are used in applications such as Medical Bag weighing, Hand Held Force Gage applications, Robotics, and Force Feedback Control Devices.

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Closed Loop Feedback

This diagram is a good example of closed loop feed back operation. It shows how donut / thru hole load cells and pancake load cells can be used in insertion / press applications for precision assembly during the manufacturing process. The donut / thru hole at the top monitors the required load while the pancake load cell at the bottom checks and verifies the actual load being applied in order to control alignment for smooth insertion.

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In-line Conditioner and Amplifier

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. is well known for all its U.S. manufactured transducers (load cells, force sensors, torque sensors, pressure sensors). A common form of conditioning offered by FUTEK to go hand in hand with these U.S. manufactured transducers is the CSG110, Signal Strain Gage Conditioner Amplifier. This instrument is Din Rail mountable and provides a building block approach to monitoring many important applications. The signal conditioner accepts inputs from a transducer to measure stress, vibration, and response time which are then converted to standard current signal. Continuous monitoring of the customer application may be achieved by connecting the output to an analog input module (PLCs or DCs).

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Bolt Torque Calculator: Use this tool to determine diameters, threads per inch, proof strength, and other factors when you have the size or material. This calculator converts in standard or metric units.

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