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Catering to diverse industries can have its benefits and challenges. One of the advantages of this exposure is the variation in project demand. One element though remains key for most projects and that is the size of the sensors. Whether our Sensors are being designed into an existing machinery or new project, size is always critical. Over the past 20 years, FUTEK has built an impressive catalog of Miniature Sensors that push the limitations of engineering design. These Miniature Sensors have come about from the success of their similar products in larger sizes. The Miniature Load Cells and Sub Miniature Load Cell Series provide diverse solutions for Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, and Manufacturing industries. These products offer solutions for applications in both Tension and Compression. Even with the miniature design an impressive capacity range of 10 grams up to 20,000 lbs is available. In addition to our Miniature Load Cell products, FUTEK also provides Miniature Pressure, Torque and Force Sensors.

Some of the main capabilities of FUTEK’s Mini Load Cells are:

Don’t judge the sensor by its miniature size. FUTEK’s mini sensors are strong and capable of extreme capacities in relation to its small size. These Miniature Sensors are capable of measuring a range of capacities from grams to pounds with impressive resolution using the FUTEK USB option. For example, FUTEK's 10 g Miniature S-Beam Jr. model LSB200 is capable of up to 0.001 gram (1 milligram) resolution with our USB210 kit.

FUTEK’s miniature sensor line is made with the highest standard of quality. Products within the miniature sensor solution line have been tested and gone through millions of cycles without affecting the product’s specifications. FUTEK’s miniature sensors can last for millions of cycles depending on the application.

These tiny sensors are creatively designed by FUTEK’s highly qualified Engineering Team with trusted quality and precision. With capabilities such as (FEA) and Precision Machining, the miniature designs are pushed to the extreme. The sensors are unique in that they are small but provide a variety of capacity ranges which may be large compared to its tiny size. The LCM300 Miniature In-Line Tension and Compression Load Cell has a capacity range of 25 – 1000 lbs.

A series of FUTEK’s miniature sensor line comes with a protective feature that limits the output of the sensor protecting it from being damaged. This feature will allow you to put a load onto the sensor higher than the sensor’s capacity protecting it from yielding the material during the installation or unexpected load surge in operation in result of a system malfunction. The Miniature S-Beam LSB200 Load Cell for example, comes with overload protection of up to 1000% of rated capacity.

For applications involving liquid, FUTEK offers select mini sensors which may be available with Submersible capabilities. These special miniature sensors are submersible in any non conductive and non corrosive type liquid. From humid environments to cryogenic liquids, these sensors can withstand the most enduring environments. (*For Submersible or Cryogenic products please contact our Sales Engineers)

Check out our 360° video of our miniature products with dimensions and design highlights:

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. (FUTEK) is offering their Miniature Column Load Cell with a USB output option. The LCA300 is a Compression Load Cell built for compact press applications. Similar to FUTEK’s larger column load cell models, the LCA300 may be used in press applications but on a smaller scale where space is limited. Traditionally a Load Cell is placed in the center of a press and can produce one function depending on the type of press application. FUTEK has come up with an advanced and smarter system in order to help users receive full benefit in their applications. Using multiple Miniature Column Load cells with a USB output you can monitor each output of the multiple sensors easily and more effectively. Handling is lighter and much more manageable. It is also very helpful in batch type press applications producing higher amounts of output without worrying about a malfunction of your load cell disrupting your entire output process.
In the process of automating hydraulic or pneumatic presses for feedback control, traditionally one load cell was used even for heavy duty presses with a few million lbs. of load capacity. As illustrated in the enclosed diagram, multiple FUTEK load cells with built-in USB interface can easily be utilized ...

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