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FUTEK Insider / July 2012
The Ultimate Panel Mount Solution
The Ultimate Panel Mount Solution
FUTEK has been on an instrumentation kick recently! With the release of our IHH500 Handheld Digital Display and our revolutionary SENSIT Test and Measurement Software earlier this year, FUTEK’s Electrical Engineering Team is pleased to announce the release of a new, intelligent panel mount display: the IPM650.
Replacing the IPM500, this new panel mount is a multi-purpose display compatible with both strain gauge and amplified sensors. With significant improvements in resolution and speed, the IPM650 heavily outweighs the performance of its predecessor. Able to work alongside all of FUTEK’s load cells, torque sensors, and pressure sensors, the IPM650 features optimal performance properties. It holds an indisputable accuracy of 0.001%, as well as an internal resolution of 24 Bits. Capable of gathering up to 4,800 samples per second, this display is a fast and precise processor. And it’s coupled with three different input and output options. So whether your application calls for inputs of analog current, analog voltage or
strain gauge, or outputs of analog current, analog voltage or USB, the IPM650 is versatile to fit your needs. In fact, the IPM650 also works alongside FUTEK’s SENSIT Test and Measurement Software, which provides operators with the ultimate data interpretation suite.
Aside from the newly improved internal mechanics, the framework of the IPM650 is completely updated. Encased in an aluminum housing, the IPM650 is now more impervious to various operating environments. The display screen is comprised of LCD optics for exceptional readability and legibility. Additionally, FUTEK’s Electrical Engineering Team designed the IPM650 to meet the highest CE and RoHS standards, allowing this display to be utilized in the most sensitive of medical applications. Overall, these vast improvements, leading to the release of the IPM650, have been a tremendous accomplishment for the FUTEK team!
Rotary Torque Webinar
On-Demand for your viewership!
As a premiere manufacturer of load cells, torque sensors, pressure sensors, and instruments, FUTEK’s Engineering Team understands the importance of sharing the philosophies, designs, and capabilities of the products they are creating. Thus, three times a year, members of the engineering crew host an online presentation outlining their advancements and findings within the test and measurement industry.
And last week, FUTEK’s in-house expert on Rotary Torque Sensors, Amirreza Mehran, shared an in-depth discussion on the best practices when selecting and implementing rotary torque sensors into a test system.
With several unique applications featured, Amirreza discussed how environmental factors play a role in the selection process, as well as how to integration instruments per application requirements.
Product News
FUTEK’s USB320: USB Solutions for Rotary Torque Sensors
Instruments Illustrated

(TRS Series)
Hex Drive
(TRH Series)
USB Solutions for Rotary Torque Sensors
Understanding that many applications may require a plug-and-play solution over a digital display or panel mount, FUTEK’s Electrical Engineering Team set out to design specific USB Solutions for our various sensor lines. Specifically for Rotary Torque Sensors, our Electrical Engineering Team developed the USB320 Solution.
With specifications including a 12 VCD power output, a sampling rate up to 4,800 samples per second, and an internal resolution of 24 Bits, the USB320 is a perfect companion for angle and speed measurements. Additionally, the USB320 utilizes FUTEK’s SENSIT Test and Measurement Software.
Feature Application
Power Tool Torque/Angle Measurement
Power Tool Torque/Angle Measurement
Products In Use
Rotary Hex Drive Torque Sensor (TRH Series) paired with Instrumentation (USB Solutions, IPM650 Digital Display, or IHH500 Handheld).
Application Summary
Rotary Hex Drive Torque Sensors are typically used to verify screw spindles and torque measurements of power driven tools.
TRH Series
Hex Drive Rotary
(TRH Series)
Panel Mount Display
Feature Video
Rotary Torque Sensor Webinar
Rotary Torque Sensor Webinar
As mentioned, last week FUTEK hosted a webinar highlighting the specific characteristics of rotary torque sensors and the best practices in selecting the appropriate sensor for your application. We’d also like to mention that FUTEK has several additional webinars On-Demand. The On-Demand webinar reel includes an overview on miniature sensors, custom-designed sensors, and USB Sensors and Solutions. These webinars great tools for students and professors, as well as operators in search of new test and measurement technologies.
This Month's Highlight
Mars Rover Curiosity
August 5th marks the event every space-buff has awaited: the landing of the Mars Rover Curiosity. With two sensors aboard the Rover, FUTEK is extremely excited about this endeavor. Check in and stay turned as we share more about this planetary phenomenon.