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Reason No 2: Over 400 standard products covering Load, Torque, Pressure Sensors & related Instruments.
Reason No 50: Custom Design & OEM Capability
Reason No 38: 100% Testing on all parts shipped
Reason No 86 : Design & Manufactured in USA
Reason No 6: Outstanding on time delivery
Reason No 3:  Dedicated team with 30 years of experience and a zero lay-off record.
Reason No 14: Continuous Improvement Philosophy (ISO9001:2000 Certified),
Reason No 79: Complete Integrated System with Display, Multi Channel DAQ System & Software Support
Reason No 83: Equipped calibration house NIST Traceable, ISO 17025 / A2LA , Online Calibration Certificate
Reason No 63: Miniaturized Load Cell & Torque Sensor with overload stop capability
Reason No 71: No job is too small or too big, gram to million lbs, In-Oz to 50,000 Ft-Lbs or NM

For the past 18 years, we’ve been giving customers good reasons to select FUTEK as their Sensor Solution Source for Load, Torque, and Pressure applications. FUTEK has always creatively looked for ways to support the customers using the state of the art of technology and demonstrated a unique vision in both product line as well as the support such as launching in 1995 while many companies were still trying to make sense of the internet. offers new possibilities and it takes the sensor purchase experience truly to new heights. This web site is architected to meet the requirements for Engineers & System Integrators while providing the ease of ordering for Purchasing Agents. We have listened to all valuable feedback and tailored our Quality Culture to meet your demands. If you haven’t already, give it a shot, and share your experience.

Javad Mokhbery
President & CEO

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FUTEK offers discounts on all its orders to students, faculty, and school administrators. Please contact us for details

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Tank Silo

Load cells can be placed on the legs of a silo or tank in order to monitor how full it is. When more than one load cell is used, a junction box is needed to average the load of all the load cells and provide one output which can then be connected to a computer or plc using a signal conditioner or digital display to show the output. The system can be...

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Rod End Tension / Compression Load Cell – LCB500

FUTEK’s popular LCB500 is designed for possible use as a rod end load cell with mounting plates. This tension / compression load cell is typically used in inline actuators and hydraulic jacks with male/female threads. Although small and compact in size, it is well suited for low and high capacity ranges from 100 – 5k lbs. The flexure is made from Stainless Steel making it highly durable and ideal for endurance testing. Other benefits include

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