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FUTEK realizes quality is critical to all of our customers. We also remember the days when plastic milk crates counted as legitimate furniture and when instant noodles were a food staple. That is why FUTEK offers their high quality products with a discount on all educational orders.
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Check out FUTEK’s new video page!! FUTEK’s new video section has over 10 videos created in order to assist and help you obtain useful product information. This video access serves as a great source to provide you with useful and helpful information at your fingertips. It’s purpose is not only to show you just how creative FUTEK can be, but also to add an alternate perspective when browsing our website as well as provide you with visuals and product knowledge. The FUTEK marketing team has specifically created these clips and presentations to serve as visual interactive videos in order to engage in our audience. Not only can you find useful how-to-guides and 3-d product clips, but also great informational presentations.
FUTEK Presentation – About Us
FUTEK Presentation – About UsWith over 20 years of experience FUTEK offers a vast array of capabilities. Learn more about everything that is important to us and valuable to our customers in this brief presentation about FUTEK.


Snowshoe Application
Snowshoe ApplicationFUTEK Engineers love the unusual and this is a fine example of how creative our customers are. Watch how a FUTEK Load Button Load Cell is used to measure the force of movement in a Snowshoe Test Stand Application.


USB Load Cell
USB Load CellFUTEK’s capabilities in the Miniature Sensor line are one of a kind. With the development of our USB Technology and our expertise of Miniature Sensors we’re able to offer our customers a perfect package.

Product News
With FUTEK's Miniature Load Button Bundle (LLB130) you are able to get an out of the box package that is plug & play ready. Model LLB130 is a Miniature Load Button designed for Press, or Inline compression applications. This package includes an option between our 44.5 N (10 lbs) , 111 N (25 lbs) and 222 N (50 lbs) capacity. The bundle offers the LLB130 with a full System Calibration ready for use with USB output and our extended USB Software giving you Data Logging capability.
USB Solution
FUTEK is amongst the first Sensor Manufacturers globally to offer a USB Solution for Strain Gauge Sensors. With FUTEK’s USB Sensor Solution, you can eliminate the need for amplifiers, filters, and multimeters. The set up is quick and with the LLB130 Bundle we are able to offer a complete package of:

- LLB130
- USB Kit for digital measurement
- System Calibration
- Extended USB Software with Data Logging capability

LLB130 Spec Sheet
USB Software Details
USB210 Spec Sheet
LLB130 Miniature Load Button
Bolt Clamping Measurement Application
Donut Load Cells, like the FUTEK LTH300, are most commonly used in force measurement bolt fastening. The LTH300 thru hole/donut load cell is a compression miniature load cell designed for space limited bolt fastening force measurement. The LTH300 is available in diameters ranging from 1/8” – 3/8” giving a wide variety for applications where bolt force is being measured. A typical bolt tension application requires a load cell to obtain the data output of the force being measured. The purpose of bolt tension applications is to apply and maintain a desired tension on a fastener, stud, or bolt. As illustrated in the image below, FUTEK’s miniature donut load cell serves as a perfect option for this type of application. Donut Load Cells are also useful for measuring compression such as Press, or Inline compression applications.
Products used for this application:
LTH300 Donut Load Cell
Donut Load Cell
LTH400 Donut Load Cell
Donut Load Cell