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In-Line Load Cell USB Options
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FUTEK realizes quality is critical to all of our customers. We also remember the days when plastic milk crates counted as legitimate furniture and when instant noodles were a food staple. That is why FUTEK offers its high quality products with a discount on all educational orders.
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FUTEK is a strong believer that through education comes success and innovation. And it is with this mentality that FUTEK offers both students and educators as many tools as possible to enrich their learning experiences through our Education Program. From How To Guides to application diagrams to actual field studies to terminology, we want to ensure that future engineers and their instructors are giving as many opportunities to enhance the learning process.
Now, this program isn’t new to FUTEK. In fact, FUTEK has been assisting students and professors in over 180 universities for the past 10 years, both domestically and internationally. We have set our sights on extending a helping hand to anyone interested in the sensor world.
And our education doesn’t end with this forum. We’ve dedicated our entire website to house documents, diagrams, applications, and videos which are full of comprehensive material on sensors and their capabilities.
So whether you are an expert or newbie to the sensor world, there’s something new and exciting for you on our site to further your knowledge in this fast-growing field.
As mentioned in our last newsletter, FUTEK has had the privilege of sponsoring Ohio State University in their Formula SAE race this year. In short, this endeavor consists of a team of students designing, constructing, and racing a Formula-One grade racecar in a national race. The scoring involves both the design elements, as well as the performance of the vehicle.
We are very proud of our Buckeyes Team for working incredibly hard to complete their racecar!
Earlier this month, several members of our FUTEK Team, including our CEO Javad Mokhbery, traveled to Nuremberg, Germany to participate in the Sensor + Test Trade Show. And what a success it was!
Not only was our team able to meet with many of our international representatives, FUTEK had the opportunity to showcase many of our miniature sensors interfacing with our USB technology.
We would like to thank our representatives’ teams from Pimzos, Test Measurement, Sensocon, DSPM and Elkome for assisting us with this tradeshow. We are proud to have you spreading the FUTEK name to our neighborhoods overseas.
Product News
FUTEK understands that your applications have fast approaching deadlines, and we wanted to inform you that all of our rotary torque models are in stock and awaiting your application. So if your application calls for a Rotary Sensor, rest with ease knowing that your project timeline can remain the same.
A Moving Revolution - Rotary Torque Sensors
Batch Weighing Application
FUTEK’s Load Buttons are fitted for endurance weight measurement applications. In this particular application, the LLB350 Load Button is being used to measure the weight of a container’s contents. The typical mounting for the LLB350 in batch measurement applications is to thread or bolt the Load Button to a foundation and then place an adapter upon it. The adapter is then threaded or bolted to the leg of the container. As the batch is added to the container, the adapter begins to press down on the Load Button, causing a signal output. Each signal then streams to the Summing Junction Box, IAC200, which gathers the three signals and averages the load output. This averaged load can then be sent to a Digital Display, Handheld Device, or USB Solutions Kit.
Products used for this application:
Subminiature Load Button
External USB Output Kit