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FUTEK Insider / June 2012
Theodore Roosevelt vs. Lawrence of Arabia
Theodore Roosevelt vs. Lawrence of Arabia
Who Is Deadliest?
The early twentieth century was no battlefield for fools. As it stood, only the strongest, brightest, most strategic could prevail or even more profound walk away alive. It was within this era that two distinct men carved a name for themselves: Theodore Roosevelt and Lawrence of Arabia. Both men of esteemed stature and courage, they led their fellow comrades through difficult circumstances. With resumes including victors of the Spanish American War and World War I, simulation experts at Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior found it fitting to pair the two against each other in what will now be known as the ultimate twentieth century battle. It’s time to find out who will be named “The Deadliest.”
It is at this time that the Deadliest Warrior team of engineers called upon the expertise of FUTEK to aid in the test-measurement evaluation process throughout each simulation.
With battle merits in weaponry, bladed combat, and military strategy, Roosevelt and Lawrence
of Arabia went at it head-to-head. One particular experimental study surrounded the opponent’s use of “trench warfare blades.” For the Rough Riders, the blade of choice was the Bowie Hunter, while Lawrence of Arabia preferred his Jambiya Dagger. Though both menacing in their own right, the true test came from the force each knife exuded on its victim (in this case, a pig carcass on a zip line). With FUTEK’s load button and a velocity sensor (non- FUTEK) attached to the blade’s shaft, weapons experts attacked the oncoming pig to measure the “kill strike.” Overall, this simulation didn’t win high marks for Teddy. However, three other simulation results remain unknown.
Thus, who will be the deadliest? Will it be Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders galloping through the San Juan Hills with the prized title just in time to celebrate their nation’s independence day or will Lawrence of Arabia and his armada succeed in earning the beloved title of: Deadliest Warrior?
Germany Debriefed
Our time at Sensor + Test 2012
This past May, members of the FUTEK team travelled abroad for our third consecutive exhibition at the prestigious Sensor + Test Trade Show in Nuremberg, Germany. Sensor + Test 2012 is one of the largest international test and measurement conferences each year. As a forum that collects the “most comprehensive and stateof- the-art” technologies into one arena, we
were privileged to share our latest developments for load cells, torque sensors, pressure sensors, and related instruments.
But more importantly, FUTEK used this time to meet with our international representatives and connect with our out-of-state customers. We’d like to thank our affiliate teams for participating in the trade show with us, as well as the many faces who stopped by for a quick hello.
Product News
Rotary Torque Sensor System
Instruments Illustrated

(USB Series)
Strain Gage
Rotary Torque Sensor System
We understand that having options when building a sensor platform is, well, essential. So we have worked diligently on our advancements with our electronic components over the past few years leading to a greater compatibility between sensor and instrument. For instance, FUTEK’s Rotary Torque Sensors easily pair with our CSG110 amplifier, our USB Solutions, our newly released IHH500 Handheld Display, and our IPM650 Digital Display. Visit our Rotary Torque Solution page for examples of test measurement platforms incorporating these sensors with our instrument line.
Feature Application
Bolt Fastening
Bolt Fastening                                                
Products In Use
Thru-Hole/Donut Load Cell (LTH Series) paired with Instrumentation (USB Solutions, IPM650 Digital Display, IHH500 Handheld, or CSG110 Amplifier).
Application Summary
The intention behind bolt fastening applications is to monitor the tensile force applied to the fastener, stud or bolt. FUTEK’s LTH (Thru Hole/Donut Load Cell) Series offers several miniature load cells appropriate for this form of tension measurement testing.
LTH Series
Donut Load Cell
(LTH Series)
Handheld Display
Feature Video
Rotary Torque Sensor + USB Solution
Rotary Torque Sensor + USB Solution
Here is a video tutorial exemplifying how FUTEK’s USB Solutions can be paired with a Rotary Torque Sensor to optimize results within a stationary application. This specific application highlights the use of a TRH Series Torque Sensor coupled to a power tool to fasten bolts on a stationary surface. Utilizing FUTEK’s USB Solutions in conjuncture with the SENSIT Software, the torsion from the power tool to the bolt can be measured, logged and graphed instantaneously onto the operator's PC. This method of data collection allows the operator the ability to review and compare data from this test with future or previous tests conducted.
This Month's Highlight
FUTEK Wishes you a Happy 4th!
FUTEK would like to remind everyone that we will be closed on July 4th, 2012 in celebration of our Independence Day. If you would like to place or process an order, please do so before the 4th; otherwise, we will return to the office at 8 AM PST July 5th to attended to all your inquiries. As always, you are more than welcome to contact us at (800) 23 - FUTEK or via the contact information below.