FUTEK Insider / June 2014
FUTEK: 25 Years in the Making
Advancing Technology
FUTEK is beyond proud of the reputation we've established as a quality source for sensor solutions over the past 25 years. But more recently, let's say the past 10 years, we've been paving our way as a provider of electronic components and sensor instrumentation — leading FUTEK to become a one-stop-shop for your test-measurement necessities.

As it stands, we offer nearly a dozen instrument solutions. From panel mount displays to handheld displays to USB Solutions to strain gauge amplifiers. Our entire suite of electronics are compatible with our sensor line, as well as most other manufacturer's sensors.
But that's not the main point we're driving here. What we'd like to emphasis is our commitment

toward advancing technology. Heck! It's in our name.
Yes, we've spent 10 years pursuing efforts toward design, development, and production of some innovative instruments, but we aren't stopping there. In fact, we are about to release two new USB Solutions — our USB520 and USB530.
The fact is that FUTEK has formulated a culture based on quality and reliability. We're not afraid to take risks and explore new benefits in technology. To be honest, you need to be forward thinking in this industry and we are committed toward seeking out the next best test-measurement solution.

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Side-Mount Load Cell
USB Family
USB Solutions
(USB Family)
SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software
The Ideal OEM Load Cell: LSM300
The LSM300 Side Mount Load Cell offers an impressive lightweight design with an easy side mounting feature making it ideal for OEM applications. Utilized in both tension and compression measurements, the LSM300 has length of 1.80", width of 0.50", and a height 1.40" making it well-suited for tight spaces. This load cell is offered in 2024 Aluminum or 17-4PH Stainless Steel (contingent on the capacity you select). Additionally, we've engineered the LSM300 to include a built-in overload protection providing the unit over 10 times the capacity (which could take place during installation).
Lastly, as a part of FUTEK's original product line, the LSM300 can be modified or customized to meet your individual application's requirements.
Featured Application
Mass Flow Meter
Mass Flow Meter

Products In Use
OEM Side Mount Load Cell (LSM Series) paired with Instrumentation (CSG110, IPM650, IHH500, and USB Solutions).
Application Summary
Utilizing an adapter button, FUTEK's LSM Series Load Cell is proficient at measuring the mass flow of solid particles in any process line.
Side Mount Load Cell
Panel Mount
Feature Video
Amplifier Wiring & Installation
Panel Mount Display: Benefits
FUTEK's Electrical Engineering Team designed the IPM650 with a more proficient display, an increased sampling rate (from 60 per second to 4,800 per second), and a more responsive output. Join John Truax, from FUTEK's Technical Support Family, as he reviews the IPM650's resolution capabilities, the responsiveness of its analog output, and few more of its exciting new features.
This Month's Highlight
Sensor + Test 2014. Nuremburg, Germany. June 3-5, 2014. Booth 12-330. Register now.
Are you considering switching from another sensor manufacturer to a FUTEK? If you find yourself in this boat, our team developed a "Cross Reference" utility tool to help our customers find relatively equivalent replacement models. The tool looks at other manufacturers' model specifications and brings forward the closest FUTEK model in comparison. Should you have any questions about suggested models, our application team is available to answer any questions.