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FUTEK realizes quality is critical to all of our customers. We also remember the days when plastic milk crates counted as legitimate furniture and when instant noodles were a food staple. That is why FUTEK offers their high quality products with a discount on all educational orders.
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In the past year FUTEK’s website has exceeded 1 million page views. For a company specializing in a very unique market, 1.4 million viewers proves to be both impressive and encouraging. Although e-commerce capability has helped us reach such a high page count, FUTEK owes this accomplishment to the multiple pages we create to educate and assist our customers. FUTEK’s marketing team aims to provide educational and useful content to our customers and engineers looking for valuable information. The Application section on our website is a perfect example of just that. It serves as a helpful resource offered to customers looking for load cell products and researching specific applications. Take a look at our top 5 Load Cell Applications which we’ve highlighted in this month’s newsletter.
Wire Tension / Compression Measurement
Wire Tension / Compression MeasurementMonitoring Tension Wires can be effectively done using the proper Load Cell or several Load cells as illustrated in the above diagram. For this application FUTEK Engineers utilize a LSB200 with a custom designed fixture to measure the force that the wire is applying onto the Load Cell. For ease of connectivity, a USB output option was added to the ...

Tank Silo
Tank SiloLoad cells can be placed on the legs of a silo or tank in order to monitor how full it is. When more than one load cell is used, a junction box is needed to average the load of all the load cells and provide one output which can then be connected to a computer or plc using a signal conditioner or digital display to show the output. The system can be ...

Bag Filling
Bag FillingFUTEK load cell system can be used in an automated assembly-line bag filling application. As shown the upper conveyor loads parts into a hanging container. The container is connected to a load cell. The load cell monitors the weight of the container, once it reaches the preset weight the upper conveyor stops or slows down and the ...

Force Testing
Force TestingFUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. (FUTEK) has expanded their High Capacity Load Cell series by adding the LCA600 Load Cell to their product line. The LCA600 is now part of the FUTEK Load Cell series, expanding the high capacity load cell range. The LCA600 is offered from 100,000 lbs to 300,000 lbs. in capacity. For an even higher ...

Break Pedal Testing
Break Pedal TestingAs common test among major automotive manufacturers, brake testing isn't only required by government regulation, it is also a safety measure that any consumer would definitely want undertaken before putting a vehicle into use ...

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Product News
FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. (FUTEK) is pleased to announce a new addition to their USB Sensor Solutions Line. FUTEK is now offering their LTH350 Donut/Thru hole Load Cell with a USB Output option. The LTH350 Donut Load Cell is also part of FUTEK’s Miniature Load Cell Series Line. FUTEK specializes in providing miniature solutions such as the LLB350 for applications where space is limited. This particular miniature donut load cell is perfect for Press, or Inline compression applications.

The new module with USB output eliminates the need for an analog amplifier, power supply, and display equipment making usage that much easier. The plug and play gives the user the power of monitoring the output of the sensor and receiving measurement without any worries about noise, temperature variation or power supply requirements. The USB integration also includes FUTEK’s basic USB Software which allows users to monitor the output of the Sensor in real time. FUTEK also offers and Extended USB Software for data logging capabilities and additional features.
Miniature Donut Load Cell with USB Output