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FUTEK Insider / March 2012
FUTEK Goes Abroad - Sensor + Test 2012
FUTEK Goes Abroad
FUTEK’s off to our 3rd consecutive
Sensor + Test Trade Show in Germany
The Sensor + Test Trade Show in Nuremberg, Germany is one of the largest international test and measurement conferences each year. It is a forum that collects the “most comprehensive and state-of-the-art” technologies into one arena for visitors and like-minded associates to learn more on the latest in test-measurement products. This summer will mark the third consecutive year FUTEK has been privileged to exhibit our newest developments.
During this three day endeavor, FUTEK will share our progress made within our instrument line - including the introduction of our IPM650 Digital Panel Meter, our IHH500 Handheld Display, our CSG110 Amplifier, and most notably, our USB Solutions. We will also be debuting the most recent version of our SENSIT Test and Measurement Software.
SENSIT Software is a supplementary tool design and developed by FUTEK to provide engineers and operators the ability to data log and live graph, as well as perform many other computation functions in data collection on a PC.
We also use this opportunity to reconnect with our customers and international representatives. With colleagues in all over Europe and Asia, Sensor + Test allows our representatives from Germany, England, Austria, France, the Benelux, Italy, and Switzerland to come to together in caucus.
Lastly, FUTEK will share our new application efforts. From miniature solutions to custom designs, we have been working with many industry professionals to provide solutions for aerospace, automation, automotive, medical, and robotic applications.
Dates: May 22 - May 24, 2012
Booth: 12-258
Product News
Rotary Torque Sensor System
Instruments Illustrated

Load Cells
   Load Cells
Torque Sensors
Torque Sensors
Pressure Sensors
Intelligent Panel Meter - IPM650
FUTEK’s Electrical Engineering Team has been working diligently to develop new digital displays for test and measurement applications. Their latest release is our IPM650: Intelligent Panel Meter.
The goal for the IPM650 design was versatility. Thus, the IPM650 can easily be integrated with FUTEK’s Load Cells, Torque Sensors, and Pressure Sensors. The display has an input range up to ± 500 mV/V, as well as accepts amplified output sensors from ± 12 VDC or up to 30 mA. It comes equip with two individual relays, and two Analog voltage and Analog current outputs. To learn more about the IPM650, click the link below.
Feature Application
Multihead Weigher
Multihead Weigher                                        
Products In Use
Miniature S-Beam Jr. (LSB200) paired with FUTEK’s IPM650 Intelligent Panel Meter.
Application Summary
Load Cells and Force Sensors are commonly used to automate production lines. By using these sensors, production engineers are able to control the automation process and improve their overall quality. Pairing the IPM650 with our S-Beam Jr. Load Cell provides a systematic relay in multihead weighing applications.
IPM650 Display
LSB200 S-Beam Jr.
Feature Video
IPM650 Introduction Guide
IPM650 Introduction Guide
Just as our application diagrams show possible ways to utilize FUTEK products, our technical support team has developed several instructional videos for our users. Our latest video features our IPM650 Intelligent Panel Meter Display. This introductory video covers how the IPM650 can be used, its specifications, and its unique qualities as a panel display. You will learn from this tutorial that the IPM650 is both CE and RoHS compliant, allowing for its use in sensitive testing applications. Additionally, it is compatible with both sensors and transducers with a mV/V output and sensors with an amplified output. Learn more about the IPM650 by watching the video!
This Month's Highlight
Element X
First and foremost, we are incredibly grateful to be expanding our business. And due to this wave of expansion, we are happy to say that FUTEK is actively hiring. Whether it’s a history with sensors or a curiosity in test and measurement, we eagerly await your applications. Please use the link below to find more information, including open positions.