FUTEK Insider / March 2013
Watch our OEM Webinar On-Demand!
Watch our OEM Webinar On-Demand!
At FUTEK, OEM Solutions mean YOU + US. Our philosophy in developing an OEM partnership is openness. We want you to understand our core competencies, our standards in quality, and our commitment to delivery. And in our eyes, an OEM partnership is only successful when you, our valued customer, is successful.
So, let’s start our conversation here. OEM Solutions are traditionally thought of as the more economic approach to a much required solution. But FUTEK takes that OEM partnership a few steps further. We want to provide you with a reliable, high quality product that arrives on time and without any headache. But in order to get that kind of solution and service, your purchasing team or purchasing engineer needs to qualify your OEM manufacturer. And that’s where we’d like to help.
John Schnell, our Senior Applications Engineer,
has put together an online presentation outlining all the questions and processes involved in selecting and qualifying an OEM manufacturer. From understanding a manufacturer’s product line to their accreditations to their stocking program, John will discuss the importance of performing a thorough background check before signing your name on the dotted line. Also, during this 45- minute presentation, John will share some expectations in designing and developing OEM solutions, as well as some unique examples of OEM applications and their solutions.
In short, the key to every OEM partnership is reliability. So it’s best to know what questions to ask and what to look for before bringing an OEM partner into your business practice. So we invite you to join John and feel free to let us know if you have any questions!
Software Announcement:
SENSIT™ Update Available
FUTEK believes that your test and measurement platform is more than merely a sensor plus an instrument. A platform should also include the software that collects, graphs and interprets your data. So, FUTEK developed a software that does just that.
Allow us to introduce SENSIT™ Test and Measurement - a software suite that expands the capabilities of a traditional sensor platform into an ultimate test-measurement solution. And as with
most software programs, SENSIT too has updates, version revisions and new releases.
With SENSIT version 2.3.4000.0, users can experience a display table refresh rate to include additional intervals from 0.1 Hz to 25 Hz. Also, the live graph table interval now allows inputs by the user as small as 0.005 seconds, or 200 samples per second.
For a full list of all the revisions, or to download the latest version of SENSIT software, please click on the link below.
Product News
An OEM System: LSM Series + Instruments
Instruments Illustrated

Panel Mount
(USB Series)
An OEM System: LSM Series + Instruments
As mentioned, OEM partnerships play a fundamental role in the success of your business. And our engineering team has taken every effort to produce a variety of OEM sensor solutions, like our LSM Side-Mount Load Cell Series. But they didn’t stop there.
Our engineers can also provide our customers with OEM versions of our instrument line. From panel mount digital displays to amplifiers to USB Solutions, FUTEK has made it a common business practice to assist customers in finding the most appropriate solution for their applications.
To learn more about our OEM solutions, please visit our solution page. It features our OEM capabilities for both our sensors and instruments.
Feature Application
Syringe Test Stand
Syringe Test Stand

Products In Use
Two S-Beam Jr. Load Cells (LSB200) paired with USB Solutions and SENSIT Test and Measurement Software.
Application Summary
Medical equipment requires precise testing. Utilizing FUTEK's LSB200 Miniature S-Beam Jr. provides quality inspectors with measurements down to the micro-gram on delicate applications, such as this syringe test stand (infusion pump).
Miniature S-Beam
USB Technology
(USB Series)
Feature Video
SENSIT™ Software Setup Tutorial
SENSIT™ Software Setup Tutorial
Software installation and/or troubleshooting can be daunting without a resource. Fortunately for those of you wishing to use SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software, our technical support team has developed a tutorial outlining all the key elements throughout initial installation, such as which files to select during setup to precautionary steps like connecting the USB instrument before starting SENSIT. Regarding troubleshooting, often times improper installation will cause error. This video will demonstrate several avenues to rectify most error messages/pop-ups.
This Month's Highlight
Wiring Codes
Wiring codes are necessary to pair a sensor to its instrument. Understanding this crucial step, FUTEK’s web development team devise an easy 3- step process for our users to pull up their appropriate wiring code. First choose the sensor series, then the model within that series, and lastly the instrument you intend to pair with that sensor. Once you have selected all these components, a wiring diagram will be produced illustrating appropriate directives.